Dirty old men!

See the cute little filly in the picture? She is a mustang named Hytyme's Lady Bean. She jumped the fence and has been hanging out with the old farts. Lady is three and her pasture mates are often irritated with her antics. She runs around the pasture at Mach 5, gets into everything, tries to play all the time, and is always up for a good old stand-off with the older mares. Well the herd took a poll and voted her out of the pasture...Lady promptly moved in with Freedom and Salty. Why she didn't move in with me I don't know, but I am suspicious that I am just too much gelding for her to handle. Salty and Freedom have been nothing short of embarrassing since she moved in. Geeze...old horses should be better behaved!

Salty has forgotten he has a bum knee. He is busy doing his Arabian Prince Prance all over the pasture while Lady runs like a lunatic. If she gets to far away Salty lets out that Arab/Ape scream of his to call her back. The most embarrassing part is Salty seems to have forgotten that he is a gelding. SALTY THIS IS A G RATED PASTURE!!! Geeze, rent a stall already.

Freedom isn't any better.... He saunters around the pasture swinging his scrawny spotted butt all over the place. He stands with his head high, neck arched, and his tail like an Arabian horse. He woofles to Lady in his low Barry White bass voice and nuzzles her every chance he gets. I even saw he play kisser face with the little filly-gross! Freedom is so senile he doesn't remember that this is the same filly that he shoved out of the pasture when she was 6 months old...she irritated him so badly. Now he is a moony-faced over her.

It is a good thing that Freedom and Salty are old and mellow. They aren't fighting over her, although Salty will give Freedom a mean face if he tries to smooch her when it isn't his turn. I don't think either one of them could take the little firecracker on their own for too long, it is a good thing they are working as a tag team. I just want the old guys to know if they need me to help them out, Lady can come hang out with me and Shandi...just be aware that she may never want to come back.

All the humans think it is great that the old guys are feeling so frisky. I just think it is weird that a gimp pensioner and a toothless old fart are chasing after a cute little filly like they were teenagers. It is even stranger that the little filly is delighted about the whole thing. It's not even spring for criminy sakes....what will it be like then? I am going to have to avert my eyes for sure come spring.
Enjoy your day (Freedom and Salty are) and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

LOL That was really funny !

It's amazing that even HUMAN Old Geeezers act like that around young pretty women. BLECH!

mrscravitz said...

There is nothing like a pretty young filly to keep old gray farts feeling their oats!

Betty said...

What can I say Horse,Human sounds likt the took lessons in the same place. I love that post it was very funny.
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very cute. Old farts are old farts be they horse or human. Hope they don't over do it chasing her around. At least it gives them something to frisk about.

Unknown said...

LOL! You should see Armador - he does the same thing with Lily and he's like a zillion years old!


Yeah? Well, I'm worth it.


Desert Rose said...

Good to see the old guys still have some life in them!!!

Sharkbytes said...

My, my- what a lot of commotion one pretty young thing can cause!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

there is just something about a pretty girl! Those old fellas sound like they have a new lease on life!


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