Freedom speaks Saturday

This is me with my warm mush this morning. Seems I talk a lot about my mush, what can I say it is the highlight of my day. Mushboy brings me out mush twice a day.
I have had a bit of a cold this past week. It was set of by the giant dust storm we had last week. I hate dust, it gives me a snotty nose. The DOR teases me that I have "old man snots", I shared some of my snots with her this morning-I left a nice spot on her shirt....shows her for teasing me.
Mushboy is adding meds as directed by the DOR to my mush to help with my cold. I am getting extra vitamin C and E along with SOD, colloidal silver, daily vitamins, and trace minerals. The vet saw me yesterday, she said she has seen several horses with the same stuff this week. Seems the dust storm combined with the drastic drop in temperature has bugged a bunch of us sensitive horses.
The DOR is putting a 10 x 20 foot shelter up in my pasture, building starts today. She has decided that I need more that a wind break and a blanket this winter. I am a tough old guy, but I sure appreciate the fact that I will have my own stall to hang out in whenever I want. I am not sure if I will use it or not...the DOR told me that she is going to tuck me in each evening, so I guess I will have to use it at night. Salty and Lady get to use the other half of the shelter in the evenings. We will have run of the entire thing during the days.
Wish the SCC good luck. He starts working with Shandi Doll today, getting her ready to wear her jammies in the winter. The DOR has been doing some work getting her used to things draped over her, but she says it is time for the SCC to finish the job. I wish I could have a front row seat for this...Shandi is cute, but she has opinions.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Powell River Books said...

A good friend of yours Betty (Mud Creek Mama) and I went out for coffee yesterday. She talks about you a lot. She thinks horses are really easy to talk to, so do I. Hope you are feeling better soon. - Margy

Unknown said...

Wow, is that yummy?

Desert Rose said...

Glad you are going to nice and toasty warm this winter!!!

Theresa said...

Odin says to tell you that the rain on the roof of the run-in will be loud, but you'll get used to it. It's great being dry when it rains! Try it, Freedom, you'll like it!


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