Less words Wednesday

Here is a photo of the SCC and Shandi Doll. Shandi really loves the SCC. She likes him to scritch her and hold her feed tub. Shandi will put up with the DOR but she prefers the SCC She knows the DOR is mine so she doesn't hang on her like she does the SCC.
That long scratch down her side is from one of the grumpy old guys. They were not too nice to her while she had to stay with them while I couldn't walk well. Those two geldings have no patience for babies. Freedom once pushed a baby he was watching right out the gate and told her not to come back. Old grouches....just want mush and quiet. I am not too happy they marked up my Shandi Doll.
Yep that is my lovely spotted butt in the background.
Enjoy your day ad don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

Your Shandi Doll is very cute, and it's nice that she's back with you!

Betty said...

Love your lovely spotted butt.
Shandi Doll is very pretty.I am sorry she was injured.
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Powell River Books said...

Shandi reminds me of my first horse Misty, yes named after the Marguerite Henry book. Not original but I sure loved that horse. - Margy


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