Blue tarp purgatory!

The DOR was out this afternoon to do chores. She came into the pasture with a muck bucket to scoop poop, she doesn't want us eating where there is poop...a bit picky if you ask me. My job was to inspect the contents of the bucket-I wanted to make sure that the bucket really had poop in it. I was hopeful that the contents would magically turn into Freedom's mush before the DOR would notice and I could chow down-no such luck. The DOR emptied one load and somehow lost her mind at the same time. She returned with the muck bucket and a blue tarp. What the purgatory was she thinking...I don't like grocery bags and she thought I might find a blue tarp fun. She drug it around the pasture, actually she drug it while she followed me as I was blowing marbles out my nose. She eventually put the tarp down and started scooping more poop. I was concerned that she would run out of poop and start chasing me with the tarp again so I did something about it.
I gave her a nice fresh pile to pick up. She just laughed and shook her head. I tried to get Harley to help, but he couldn't come up with the goods.

The DORs husband, chief of my support crew, showed up and tossed us corn stalks.
The DOR watched us eat them and then she went a bit nuts again. She decided that the blue tarp should be by the corn stalks.

If you think I am hiding behind Harley, you are absolutely right! Harley really is much braver than I am, he loves meeting new things-I don't think that anything scares him.

The DOR put some of the corn stalks on the tarp. Harley didn't care, he just walked right on it. I sniffed it and then touched it with my nose.

I even got brave enough to eat some of the corn off of the tarp. The DOR took one corner of the tarp and drug it off. Harley followed right behind her...I followed behind him. She tucked it over a panel rail, she was going to use it to cover the bales of hay that the chief of the support crew was taking down from the big pile. Harley decided that it would be fun to slide the tarp from one side of the panel to the other. He did this for about five minutes. He would give me a sideways look once in a while, I think he wanted me to join in. I just couldn't, standing there watching him without blowing marbles out my nose was all I could do.
Here is the chief of the support crew getting hay down off of the big pile. He comes out every Saturday and gets our hay ready for the week. He is a good guy and gives the best scritches. I am keeping my distance still after the "werehorse" incident because I need to earn his trust back.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Dear CJS, I gave my DOR some 'tude today! She made me walk by a bucket of shredded beet pulp and I let her know, with my ears back, that I didn't like that! I tried my best to break away and run and stick my whole nose in the bucket, but, gosh darn! She managed to hold onto the rope and lead me away. HUmmmmmppppfffffhhhhh! Maybe her back isn't THAT SORE!
Tee hee!
Scout~~ She says to tell your DOR that Gigondas and PANIK, since they both probably came from the same place, probably ARE related and to email her.

Anonymous said...

Jack, you have one awesome butt! There, i said it. It may sound shallow, but it needed to be said. And, hey, it's not the blue tarp that will get ya, it is what is hiding underneath - just so you know.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I haven't ever seen beet pulp. She used it with Freedom for a bit when she first got him-he ate it, but liked the other stuff she ws giving him better. The DOR won't use it anymore because the smell reminds her of soggy newspaper.
Maybe I can convince on of the support crew to mix me up a batch.

Rambling Woods said...

Here I am posting on a your blog Jack... Gee whiz..and I thought the cats' litter box was some work. Actually both boys have been feeling under the weather since their vaccines and the little box has been very unpleasant, but nothing like a blue tarp's worth...


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