What...I'm too dirty?

I have decided the DOR is a bit of a wussy. I was looking forward to my massage, I have done without one for two weeks and that is way too long. I did not get my massage today, it seems the DOR didn't think I was clean enough...harrumph!
It has been raining all day. Salty, Harley, and I have been ripping around the pasture playing. We have also been going from muddy spot to muddy spot rolling. We had to test them all out, after all knowing which mud patch is the mushiest and gooiest is important otherwise we would be wasting good rolling time in a second rate mud hole. Salty was so muddy he looked like a paint horse. Harley looked like a grey horse rather than a lovely palomino, he even had muddy dreadlocks in his mane. You had to look hard to see my white hinny, it looked brown with some black spots. All of this dirt conspired to rob me of my massage. The DOR said that if she gave me one the dirt might act like sandpaper on my skin. It was still raining, so there was no brushing the dirt off.
I think that she just didn't want to get muddy herself. I hear that there are humans who pay money for mud bath treatments and here I was willing to give her one for free. Maybe there was something about horse pooh mixed with the mud that put her off a bit-who knows.
The only good thing to come from my missed massage was that we got treat tubs with some bonus grain! I'm thinking that it could rain all weekend if she will give extra treats in place of a hinny massage. The other fun thing was the DOR played "follow the leader" at liberty. It was great I did such a good job that I kept her playing until she was soaking wet!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

I didn't know that horses roll in mud..now I do..it really sounds like fun actually..until bath time

Grey Horse Matters said...

Finding the perfect mud hole isn't as easy as it sounds you know. There is a lot of scientific investigation that goes along with this adventure. Consistency, texture and temperature play an important part. You have some very smart horses there, too bad they were to dirty for their massages but they should be told no one likes a filthy mud caked horse no matter how intelligent they are.

Andrea said...

I think my horses prefer the mud holes that have manure in them. The stinker the better.

I gave my little brown horse a bath yesterday. He was stinky after laying in his stall. He always finds the best spots to get dirty.


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