Quality time with the DOR

Hi, as you can see from the photo to the left I am getting my dark winter coat. You can also see that I have packed a few pounds on my hinny since my arrival-all the better to stay warm with.
You can also see in the pictures that it has been raining here and we are all dirty boys.
Today the DOR and I spent time playing in the arena. She thinks that I need a tune-up on respecting humans. I am still in the doghouse for my bad behavior. I thought that Bryce was going to eat me the way he growled and yelled at me...and I was worried about grocery sacks. I also want to let everyone know that Bryce is fine. I only put my foot on his shirt, like a light tap, just left a mud print-not even a bruise. It was made perfectly clear to me yesterday that I had better keep my feet to myself-unless they are being cleaned or the farrier is working on them.
I got a good brushing to start things off. No massage though, I guess I will have to wait for that until I have made up for my bad behavior. The DOR had me backing up with a finger wiggle, working on going through tight spaces, and lunging. I had to leave at a trot, gallop, and change eyes-those are all things that usually upset me, but today I was very good about all of it. I showed off by jumping barrels and not blowing marbles out of my nose. I capped off my afternoon performance by doing figure eights through barrels while on the lunge line.
I was left in the arena while the DOR but the two mushfaces in their feeding pens.
This is mushface #1. His name is Freedom Dancer. He belongs to Dakota and is a bit over forty years old...he is one cool dude. Freedom puts up with us younger horses, but he thinks we are all twerps. He still loves to go. His favorite thing in the whole world, besides a good scritch, happens to be baby cows. He absolutely loves them, in fact he will steal them from their moms if he is allowed to.
This is mushface #2. His name is Salty the Wonder Horse. He was Dakota's first horse, he is also Dakota's therapy horse and has done a wonderful job. He has taught Dakota to ride and how to talk to people. He also thinks he is the best looking horse around.
After the DOR got the mushfaces settled she put me back in the pasture and handed out treats to me and Harley.
This is Harley Darling, he is really a good looking guy. He is here rehabbing his feet. For a bit it wasn't looking good, but the ubber farrier changed a few things and now he is improving. Harley has been trotting and running for the past two weeks.
Here are the two of us eating our treats and hay. I hope that the mushfaces appreciate how good they have it.
This is Ginger, also known as Jenny Penny, she is the only mare of the bunch. She stays in a different pasture, with a mare friend at the ranch. Ginger is currently teaching Dakota how to be a better rider. I think she has a very cute face.
I had a great day! I really needed to get to spend some quality time with the DOR. We haven't gotten to play and when she has been out I have had to share her attention with all of the other horses. I know that she has missed playing with me too. Tomorrow she see the doctor and hopefully will get cleared to start working her way back to the way things were before. I want to go riding.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Blowing marbles out the nose is a term I am not familiar with..But it doesn't sound nice. Thanks for introducing some of your friends. I think they are very lucky to have your DOR in their lives..

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear no one was hurt badly. The whole herd is adorable and look like a happy bunch. It sounds like little "werehorse" has learned his lesson about behaving better.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Rambling woods, blowing marbles out of my nose is the term used when I start snorting. The louder and wilder the snorting the more marbles I am blowing, or I might be blowing out cannon balls.
Thanks grey horse matters, I did learn my lesson and plan on not kicking toward humans any more. The DOR and the support crew takes really good care of us.

Rambling Woods said...

Thanks Jack..I used to know a kid in first grade whose name was Wolfgang. Wolfgang like to blow milk out of his nose at lunch..That was not a good thing for him to do, but it sure was funny...


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