My winter coat.

The DOR was out doing chores...with lots of help from me of course. She cleaned up poop, it was a bit weird she was humming the whole time and told us thank you for pooping so much and giving her something to do. I am beginning to wonder if she has brain damage and the doctor just missed it. She tried to get a picture of my face, but I kept following her around trying to stick my nose on her shoulder.
Here is a picture of me munching hay. As you can see I am getting my black winter coat. I turn dark chocolate in the summer with some light brown highlights. The DOR thinks it is a bit odd that I completely change colors...not sure why she thinks that is weird her hair is changing colors too. Her favorite thing about my coat is my heart marks.

This heart gets a bit messy when I turn black, but in the summer it is a nice shape.
The DOR says this marking reminds her of a card player holding a bunch of hearts. I am not the only one at the ranch who wears his heart on his butt.
Here is one of the hearts that Freedom sports. Dakota is funny about this particular heart. He will often stand with his forehead on this spot and just relax. Good thing that Freedom is a gentle old guy, having you head there could be a bad thing with some horses.

I thought I would share another picture of my rear. The DOR says it is a bit massive. Her plan is to make me start doing work collecting my big butt up under me at the walk and trot. Doesn't she know that I will just get more muscle, which in turn will make my butt even bigger? Oh well I will indulge her, after all how long do you think she will enjoy riding a "jack hammer" trot.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

'Ya know, CJS, Scout changes colors too! In summer she is darker, but in winter she turns almost white! You sure have some cute hearts! No wonder you are such a LOVER BOY!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love the close-up of the hearts. What a bunch of cuties.

Black Cat said...

Hello, nice to meet you! I found you by your comment on Daisy the Curly Cat's blog. You're the first horse I've met who has his very own blog. I'm delighted! Snap occasionally posts on her kitty brothers' and sister's blog (The Cats P) but she doesn't have her own blog. I love your hearts and I'm glad your DOR's heart is fine:) xxx

squirrelmama said...

Cactus Jack, there is something very fine about an Appy who wears his heart on his butt (and probably a whole lot nicer than wearing your butt on your heart, don't you think?) My pretty Flo (a dun Appy with a snowflake butt) would surely love to be your paddock buddy because she has a lot of heart - it's mainly on the inside!

Rambling Woods said...

Heart on the butt...I enjoyed that. Thank you for the smile you handsome thing Jack...


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