Our foreign policy platform

The picture to the left is of one of the greatest horse leaders in the world, Blueskin. He became famous for his leadership in battle and his ability to inspire awe. This horse has served as an inspiration to both Freedom and I as we continue our campaign.
We have outlined part of our foreign policy, it follows below.

Freedom and I reject the notion that the moment of the American horse has passed. We still believe that America is the last and best hope for horses of the Earth. We just have to show the humans why this is so.
I believe that the single most important job of any President is to protect the American horses and their people. The 21st century requires a new vision of American leadership and a new conception of our national security-it is time to take a look at the entire herd. In today’s world the security of the American horse is linked to the whims and diets of people’s around the world. When kill buyer-trafficking and corruption threaten horses in Latin America, Europe, and Canada it is America's problem too.
The threats to the American horse do not just exist within our country’s boundaries. However, there are threats that exists in our own backyard. Irresponsible breeders, backyard breeders, and equine industries that perpetuate the proliferation of breeding in search of that one “million dollar” horse-all of which toss aside the horses that do not make the cut. Many may find it tempting to practice isolationist tendencies; this will not solve the problem of living in the global community. We must reach out, share our resources with those who are in need, lend a helping hand to those who are being bullied in the world’s pastures, and take action against those who would threaten innocent lives. The leadership that the horses of America have been known for has been neglected, possibly abandoned. I insist, however, that such an abandonment of our leadership is a mistake we must not make. America cannot meet the threats of this century alone, but the world cannot meet them without America. America’s horses have a proud history, one that is known worldwide; it is time that we live up to that history. We must lead the way; take the lead in ensuring the safety and security of the worlds equines.
We must lead by providing strong herd leaders. We must marshal strong herds in a global effort to provide security around the world. We must lead by building and strengthening inter-herd partnerships and alliances to meet our common challenges and defeat our common threats. As a candidate for President of the United States, I am asking you to entrust me with that responsibility. There are ways America will begin to lead again when I'm President. There are several ways to let the world know that we are committed to our common security, invested in our common humanity, and still a beacon of freedom and justice for the world.
The first way America will lead is by bringing a responsible end to the herd squabbles. I will ensure this happens by placing strong herd leaders in all herds. These leaders will meet monthly to discuss herd dynamics and other issues. These horses will understand the importance of peacefully managing a herd, they will also understand the need for occasional force-sometimes there just needs to be a good butt kicking.
The second way America will lead again is by building the first truly 21st century herds and showing wisdom in how we manage it. We must maintain the strongest, best-equipped horse facilities in the world in order to defeat and deter conventional threats. The past administration is handing over an agricultural force that has been stretched to the breaking point, understaffed, and struggling to repair its equipment. We need to rebuild our infastructure in order to ensure that each horse has a ton of hay available to them each month that they are not on pasture. We also need to make sure there is plenty of pasture space for America's equines.
The third way America must lead again is by marshalling a global effort to meet a threat that rises above all others in urgency - securing, destroying, and stopping the spread of inhumane horse slaughter. We can do something about this. As President, I will lead a global effort to secure all slaughter plants within four years - the most effective way to prevent any further openings of slaughter plants. We must also dissuade other countries from joining the horse slaughter club.
As the world's largest producers of greenhouse gases, America has the greatest responsibility to lead here. This is the fourth way America must lead. We must enact a cap and trade system that will dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. The best way to do this would to all become vegetarians. Thus reducing the human dependence on cattle for food, we all know what methane producers cattle are. I am not sure how humans will respond to this, but I know the equine population will be delighted with the extra hay that will result in the reduction of the cattle population.
The fifth way America will lead again is to invest in our common herd. We must ensure that all creatures have a safe place to live. We must ensure that all creatures have the things they need. We also must ensure that all creatures are treated with dignity and respect. As President, I will double our annual investments in meeting these challenges to $80 billion by 2011 and ensure that those new resources are directed towards these strategic goals. It is time we have a President and a Vice-President who can speak to the world, send a message out that says “You are part of our herd. You matter to us. We are all in this together.” The American Horse’s moment has not passed. Our moment is here, it is imperative that we seize this moment and begin building the herd back up to the mighty entity it used to be.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Andrea said...

Very well said! I will have to get a Catus Jack for President sign for my front yard!!

Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, I hear 'ya about getting rid of horse slaughter worldwide. Why, three of my DOR's five horses came off feedlots! I mean, how AWFUL is that...to think that they might have gone to slaughter (shudder...). You have my support 100%!
Love ya! Scout

Rambling Woods said...

Jack..you can tell how much time and thought you put into this and well said..You have my vote...

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks you guys.
My DOR has several rescues herself. In fact my mom was part of a seizure in Prosser, Washington of some PMU mares and other horses that were in horrible shape.
All of us have gotten pretty lucky.
Scout your DOR has done great helping horses too!

Unknown said...


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