Vocabulary Sunday

The name for a mother horse. A horse's father is said to be its sire, while its mother is its dam.

A stiff brush used on the horse's body to remove dry mud and dirt. Not used on the main or tail because it will pull out too much hair.

A medication given to a horse to kill and remove worms.

A horse that is easy to keep; usually one that keeps in a good weight without having to be fed extra supplements or rich feed. Also, a horse that has good hooves and overall good health, making him easy to keep.

A person who rides, owns, or shows horses, or participates in horse activities.

A horseshoer; one who trim's horses feet and shoes them. Used to be called a 'blacksmith'.

The joint where the pastern and cannon bone meet; the first join above the hoof. Not just the actual joint, but the outer part of the horse's body surrounding it is called the 'fetlock'.

Horse hooves are filed with a farrier's tool called a rasp -- it is like a human finger nail file, only much larger and made of textured metal. One side is more abrasive than the other, and either side may be used depending on the job. This is used by a farrier during shoeing, to take off rough edges and smooth the hoof down.

A female horse under the age of 4 years old.
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