I want peace and I want it now!

I have been listening to my constituents, trying to find out what the people want.
Many are worried about the economy, fuel costs, food costs, and they all are concerned with world peace. I think that if the world operated using herd dynamics it would be more peaceful.
Horses are highly social and intelligent herd animals. Like all creatures, our social behavior developed to help the species survive.
Horse herds are usually made up of small bands containing mares, their foals, and immature horses of both sexes. There is usually one herd stallion, though occasionally the stallion may allow a few less-dominant males to remain with the group. I think that if countries were small like herds, then they wouldn't be out trying to boss other countries. Each country would understand that cooperating with each other improves the quality of life for all involved.
In spite of human mythology that portrays the dominant stallion as the ruler of his "harem" of females, the actual leader of the herd is the alpha or dominant mare, popularly known as the "lead mare." This mare is usually one of the more mature animals in the herd. She takes the lead when the herd travels, dictates when the herd moves from one place to another, what route they take, and has the right to drink first from watering holes and claim the best grazing. I know I am a gelding and Freedom is my running mate...but there is no reason that there shouldn't be a female running our country.
Survival dictates that the herd members ultimately cooperate and stick together. Humans need to understand that their survival is dependent on sticking together also. As with many animals that live in large groups, establishment of a stable hierarchy or "pecking order" is important to smooth group functioning. Contention for dominance can be risky since one well-placed kick to a leg could cripple another horse to such an extent that it would be defenseless, exposed, and possibly unable to get to food or water. Therefore, another job of the dominant mare and other higher-ranked animals is to exercise control and moderate aggressive behavior in the herd. You see we know that if you exert too much physical aggression the consequences can be dire. So a country gets mad at another country and drops a bomb or starts a war the damage caused can cause irreparable harm and hurt innocent beings. A good leader understand how to temper their control so that peace is maintained. In the herd it is the stallion's job to patrol and protect the herd from attacks. I have the feeling that if the leaders of government were responsible for personally protecting the inhabitants of their countries the leaders would not be so quick to go to war. Of course if needed I am willing to kick some rears to keep our country safe.
This weekend I am working with Freedom to come up with a way that the world can be at peace.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Or if they had to send their children into battle....Great post Jack. Very thoughtful and I liked learning about herd dynamics. People could learn a thing or two from horses..

Kimmy said...

I agree, wonderful and intuitive post!

Rising Rainbow said...

It's an interesting concept but I doubt that most humans have the brains to understand herd dynamics let alone live with them. It's really too bad.


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