On the campaign trail

I know a lot about trail riding, but the campaign trail is an entirely different matter.
I now have my own Presidential seal. I think I am looking pretty presidential on it.
Freedom has had to meet and greet a lot of babies. He likes to hang out with people, but he can become a bit of a grumpus rumpus at times so we are trying to limit his public appearances. Freedom is more of a behind the scenes work horse type of guy.
I on the other hand love the crowds and visiting. I have met some interesting individuals. I met Joe the Plow horse in Ellensburg, Washington. Joe has worked for minimum wage all of his life. All Joe really wants is a fair wage for a day's work. Is it too much to ask that a working horse be able to eat 15 pounds of hay a day, have some grain now and then, get proper medical treatment? I say NO it is not too much to ask...all of the Joes in the world are entitled to the same things as the world famous John Henry. Every ranch horse should be able to achieve the simple pleasures enjoyed by the fanciest barn horse.
As you know from my past experience with the "Equal Treatment For Cactus Jack Splash Foundation" I am all about equity. No creature is better than any other creature, we must all work together, equally, to make the world a great place.
Well I am off to get a pedicure and groomed. I need to look my best for the possible up coming debate. I am still waiting to hear from the two leading human contenders for the office of President...I think they are scared and they should be-this little appy could kick both of their hinnys at the same time. Of course they do have the advantage of being able to speak, hmmmph, however I can do some pretty fancy moves galloping through the pasture.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

You have my vote Jack. I LOVE the seal..

Lux said...

You can count on my vote also!

Carrie Giannandrea said...

CJS for President!!


You have my vote.

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms


The Author said...

You also have my vote. The seal is beautiful!

Strawberry Lane said...

Royal sends his vote to you! Anyone with a seal like that deserves to be President.

Thanks for speaking on behalf of Joe the Plow horse and all the rest of us.


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