Terrorists in our own backyard?

The photo shows a ground trip wire, that could cause a horse to fall hurting itself and the rider. Imagine one at the height of a rider's head...some rectal cavity has (sorry for the potty word).
Someone has been rigging Lincoln's scenic trails with potentially dangerous booby traps, endangering people who use the paths and possibly targeting horseback riders...what kind of twerp would do that? In several incidents, the wires were attached to mouse traps in an apparent effort to injure the rider and spook the horse as well. Please go to this link to read the full story http://www.thebostonchannel.com/cnn-news/17784441/detail.html .

Freedom and I have huddled with our advisers, we all agree this is an egregious act and need to be handled swiftly and firmly-we will not tolerate terrorists in our own backyard. We believe the the President should place National Guard troops in the area to patrol the trails. The military action, code named"National Trail Liberation", should be fully funded and last until the job is done. The troops need to be fully equipped for a successful military action, one that is swift and just-then they will be brought home immediately to a heroes welcome.
Americans are not pleased with the current government, many are not to pleased with the two human front runners and some of them are expressing their displeasure inappropriately. Targeting a group of creatures because they are not human, mailing powdered substances to members of their own human herd is not going to bring about the changes we all crave. Hurting innocents will not undo the damage that the current administration has caused. No, the only way to make things better is to select a new president and vice-president who will step up and do the job for All members of American society. Horses understand that striking out at the innocent will not fix a problem, you have to go directly to the source of the problem and fix it. Freedom and I are willing to go directly to the source of America's problems and handle them.
Cast your votes for us, animals make your wishes know by casting your vote with a pile of poop left at the polls. Time to get your poop in a pile, remember every road apple counts. It is your poop make it count, it is the one time that a load of poop could change history.
Remember that I am committed to each and every member of the American herd! I am committed to bringing peace and prosperity back to our great nation.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Mrs. Mom said...

The more I know people CJS, the more I love horses.

Be safe out thar...

Andrea said...

People are really dumb. Why do something like that. I read the aritcle. And all I can do is shake my head.

I agree with Mrs. Mom, the more I know people, the more I like horses.

Rambling Woods said...

Which is why I like most animals better than many people...Idiots.

The Author said...

I wish I could say that was the most horrid thing I have heard of in a long time but unfortunately there seem to be many terrible things happening.
I'm off to visit the link you provided and I sure hope they find whoever is doing that. I can't understand the cruelty in the world.


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