Goooooooooaaaaaaaal! (say to self in the soccer announcers voice)

The DOR had been bragging to a friend on Saturday that, "Jack doesn't have any naughtiness in him. He tries so hard to do the right thing, he would never do anything naughty on purpose." I guess she shouldn't brag, either that or she is right and I am misunderstood. I had the "werehorse" incident, then was too interested in the new feed tub, now I have taken up soccer. The DOR would mind so much if I was playing with the ball or giant apple that is in the pasture for us to play with, but I didn't.
It started out when I unhooked two of the new feed tubs from the panels where the DOR put them. I was looking forward to poking her in the rear while she was bent over and tied them back up. I was sticking my nose in them and snorting, rolling them around, and I got sidetracked. I nudged one with my foot and it rolled-yipee-so I nudged it again-woohoo! I found that the harder I kicked it the farther it would go, so I gave it a good one and sent it flying across the pasture (well about ten feet anyway). Freedom was cheering me on, Salty started shoving around the other tub, and Harley...well he is a bit of a jock, so he joined me in a game of "feed tub soccer". That guy moves really well on his little feet. We were having a blast, then the DOR pulled in for evening feeding and chores. We were so busted, she rolled down her window and yelled, "Thanks a bunch Jack, I am sure you started it." I was glad that she was happy, I like it when she is happy. She came out and kicked the one we were playing with...see she wants to play too. Then she unhooked the two that were still tied to the panels, picked up all of the pieces that had broken off the tubs we were playing with and stood shaking her head. She told us it was a good thing she loved us all because some days we were enough to send her to the moon. I don't know why she wants to go to the moon, I am glad she loves us enough to not go there-that is a long trip and we would miss her and she is afraid to fly. She did spend some time kicking the last soccer tub around with me before she took it out. She told us she would bring out a giant ball for us to use.
We got treats and our hay, along with a reminder to behave. I am working with Freedom, he is the oldest and wisest of the bunch, to see if there is a way to get the DOR to the moon next summer when she isn't working. Since she wants to go I think it would be a nice surprise for her.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Jack..I needed a laugh tonight.. Thank you!!!


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