My big ol' butt is in big ol' trouble!

Okay, the picture is of my rear this spring...believe me it is much bigger now! Not only is it bigger, but it is also in big trouble.
I was very naughty today, in fact I was so naughty the DOR chased my big rear around the pasture with a flag until I begged her to stop. Let me explain:
The support crew was out helping shlep feed buckets (the Dor still has a limit on how much she can pick up) and we were all excited. The DOR was over in another pasture so she wasn't giving directions-so you see it really is HER fault. Bryce is in the pasture with Freedom's mush bucket, trying to get Freedom to tuck into bed. Well I figured the bucket was fair game and tried to get the mush, I got waved off so I tried again, I got waved off and growled at by Bryce. Well poop I need to get serious about getting that bucket, after all Freedom isn't trying too hard and Salty and Harley are just milling around looking stupid. I head in for another sneak attack and Bryce yells at me-what the what? That called for a nose full of marbles and my butt turned towards him. I guess I should have left it at just the butt aimed at him, but since I was already snorting I decided to kick him too. That was a big mistake, not only did I not get Freedom's bucket, Bryce swatted me and chased me off. I turned into a wild horse running, snorting, bucking, and pinning my ears at everyone. The DOR came out in the pasture and gave me heck. I tried to come up and nuzzle her-but I was still snorting marbles, so she waved me off. She got a flag and kept me moving all over the pasture until I quit snorting, dropped my head, and went back to my nice quiet self. I was so naughty that I have lost my right to have anymore grain, all I am going to get is a bit of soaked timothy pellets, sunflower seeds, and my vitamins...darn it.
The DOR thinks that the mushfaces need to be put in their beds first before anything else happens. The Harley and I can have our treats on the other side of the hay paddock. While we are eating the mushfaces get their mush and then everyone gets their hay. Sounds like a plan, I just have such a hard time keeping my self control when grain is involved...I turn into "Jack the werehorse", a raving lunatic of a horse.
The DOR is really upset about me kicking Bryce. I really got a workout for being snarky. Tomorrow she is taking me to the arena to remind me about manners. She also plans on having Bryce do some groundwork with me, that way I will learn that Bryce is above me in the herd. Heck, I have lost my grain and now I have to work my big ol' butt-I better learn to keep the "werehorse" under control. I know the DOR is disappointed with me, this is the first time I have hurt anyone since I have been here and to make it worse I did it on purpose...I have some making up to do.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR-I know I better be hugging everyone at the ranch for several days to get out of trouble.


Amanda said...

Hey Jack, Annie here. I was naughty last week as you well know. My DOR found out i can not have grain or Sr feed cause I forget my manners and want to boss everyone. DANG!!!

Lux said...

Uh-oh! I know all about bein' in trouble! I hope you're out of it soon!

Rambling Woods said...

I got into trouble for kicking my sister once when I was a kid. I don't think it had the same impact as what you can do Jack. The being chased around with a flag is interesting. Glad to hear that your DOR is steadily able to do more..

Cheryl Ann said...

Hello Jack! It's Scout. I was very bad a couple of weeks ago. My DOR had some beet pulp soaking in a bucket by the tack room and I decided...gosh darnit, I just didn't want to WAIT for her to hobble down from the round pen where she was working with Gigondas and give it to me! So, hehehehehehe.....I kicked the lock on our corral gate and I led Cali out. Me and Cali, well, we ran around ALL over the place and freaked out ALL the other horses! It was FUN!!!! But, my DOR spotted us out of the corner of her eye, marched over, rounded us up, and put us BACK in our corral. But, hehehehehe...I got a couple of bites of beet pulp. I'm a very BAD GIRL! Wanna hang out together?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Scout I am looking for a mare to be a partner with. I have tried flirting with the nesw on her, she just bites me...she is in love with Freedom. You are a very pretty filly...but neither one of our DORs are going to let us travel. Maybe we can meet up in the middle sometime for a weekend-we would have to do it when they both aren't looking

Victoria Cummings said...

Okay, Jack - Let me talk to your DOR or mother or whatever you want to call her. This is serious stuff we're both dealing with - kicking, rearing - I hope that Bryce didn't get hurt. When Siete was only a couple of months old, she kicked me. Luckily, she only hit my hand. My cowboy mentor and Siete's godfather, Joe, warned me that when a horse does something dangerous you've only got about 5 seconds to let them know that it's never ever okay to do that - otherwise, they won't associate your punishment with their action. Sounds like it's back to boot camp for both our darlings. Please be careful!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks Victoria, my DOR and her husband were taught that if a horse does something really bad-like kicking- they need to make that horse think they are going to die. Not literaly, but the consequence needs to be immediate and scare the tar out of the horse. Bryce made it very clear I had better never act like that again.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Uh-oh Cactus Jack...you done went and got yerself in trouble! (luckily, no serious pain inflicted..or you might have gotten to see the world upside down!)
I know...you ARE a horse, and like a HUMAN..we all make mistakes...just don't make such huge ones ok? I'd kinda like to have you able and willing to keep blogging for some time! :)


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