Darn my sticky feet

Does this look like a happy face? A slightly amused face? No it is the face of a frustrated, embarrassed spotted pony. I would like to pretend that I was just being a good role model for Shandi, yea that's it...not. The SCC was going to work with Shandi on wearing a tarp, she has never worn one before. I was being a bit pesty so the DOR figured she would just toss Shandi's tarp on me, that way Shandi could see it was no big thing. Well I hate, hate, HATE tarps! The DOR tossed it on me and I couldn't get my feet to work right to get away from it, darn my sticky feet. I just kind of froze and started to sink down. My mind kept sending messages, but things still aren't working quite right. I took a deep breath and managed to get walking. I walked to the gate and the tarp went with me. It wasn't too bad, the tarp is too small and definitely not my color. I think Shandi got the idea though.

Shandi was a very good girl and wore her tarp for the first time in this pictre. The SCC put it on her, lead her around, and then took it off of her several times. He gave her green apple treats for being such a good girl. I think I should have gotten half the treats for showing her that the tarp wouldn't eat her. The DOR and SCC say they need to change Shandi's name to Easy because she learns so quick and is so easy to work with.
The DOR is getting all of our tarps ready to wear this winter, she doesn't want to get caught slacking when the cold weather hits. I am hoping for a mild winter...I really don't want to be tarped.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

You are a good UNCLE Jack!Hope you get those sticky feet under control soon

Desert Rose said...

Glad you all will be nice and taosty this winter...and you are great to help with Shandi's training!

Betty said...

I am sure that you helped Shandi understand that the tarp will keep her warm when the cold weather hits. I know that when it gets cold you will be glad to have your tarp on too.
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Florida Beach Basics said...

Hang in there, Cactus Jack - I'm sending you a special treat from the sea-bean symposium. No, you can't eat it, but you'll be the only horse with one!


Paint Girl said...

You look great wearing a tarp Jack!!
I really like the color too, and it looks good on you!

Leah Fry said...

Being toasty is a good thing as we get older, Jack. I'm glad you were a good example.


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