The DOR did some videos and rapid fire stills of me walking. She was going to have the SCC lunge me so she could shoot the video but he hurt his back and was not able to twist at all. I wonder if the DOR is going to give the SCC shots along with a week of Jack's Blast to get him well. The video isn't the best because she was shooting and lunging. You can see that I am not struggling just to walk...pretty good considering that two weeks ago I could barely keep my feet to stand.
My gross motor skills are doing fairly well. I can walk, trot, and lope in a straight line on my own. The DOR says my fine motor skills are just plain scary. If I go to yield my hindquarters I can cross over fine but then I get a little off balance trying to move my other leg. Backing up is not pretty either, my rear can't keep up with my front so it looks like I might sit down. I can't start up quickly from a stand still, I have to get moving slowly. I am also still dragging my hind feet. I also look like I am snapping my fetlocks when I step, rather than having a nice smooth motion, on all four feet.
I am enjoying my therapy, especially the treats that come along with the stretches. I think I can convince the DOR that I will need work on stretching for the rest of my life. Yep I am pretty sure that I can do that with no problem.
The DOR says I am less grumpy not so touchy about my head and neck...she is right. For a bit poor Shandi was the target of my grumps. I was glad to have her with me, but I had no patience. I guess I have a better understanding of why the two old guys were not as nice to her as I thought they should be.
The DOR says that next week I will have to start stepping over things. She is going to start with pool noodles and we will work our way up from there.
While I am in therapy the DOR is doing her part for the team. She is working out at the gym each evening before coming out. We are going to be a lean and fit team come next spring.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug our DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Hang in there, Jack! My DOR is out walking every morning. Sheesh! Pretty soon she will be lean and trim and want to ride me or Cali!
Hugs & kisses, Scout

Anonymous said...

You don't look too bad to me, Jack - you're moving pretty good at the walk. That's great progress. Your hind end will remember what it's supposed to do when you back and turn if you just keep working at it. You've got a great DOR who's working hard to get herself fit and to help you with your therapy!

Betty said...

Looking good Jack. You and your DOR will be ready for the clinic in the spring. Keep up the good work.
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Desert Rose said...

Keep up the good work Jack and in no time you will be back to your old self!!!

mrscravitz said...

Keep it up Jack! You are doing good, and I know your DOR has her work cut out for her. You are going to put her through her paces. You concentrate on getting well!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

looks like you are coming along nicely

Roxie said...

I's sorry to reed about your trubbles, Cackus Jack. You will get all bedder soon, I promises!


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