New name?

<span class=The DOR has called me booger on occasion. It is not the best nickname in the world, but one I have earned by wiping my nose on her several times. Lately she has been calling me boogie. She says she calls me that because I will be dancing before I know it. I have been thinking over this dancing thing...
You don't think the DOR will expect me to wear a tutu and do ballet do you? She and I have done our version of a waltz before I started moving like a drunk and that was okay. I could learn to do the tango, the hokey-pokey, the bunny hop (wait I already do that when I throw a fit), or dance in a conga line. Yep all those would be fine, but I am not wearing a tutu!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


The Author said...

Well, boogie is better than booger for sure. I called Khrysta Jelly Belly this summer and I think she totally resented me for that.
You'd look fabulous in a tutu but I doubt your DOR will make you wear one.
Can't wait to see you and your DOR dance.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

course you couldn't wear a Tutu ! all the adornment you will ever need is already there on the snazzy spotted but!


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