Happy Halloween

In case you can't tell this is me and my pasture mates out Trick-or-Treating!
We left the DOR plenty of tricks, actually plenty of poop piles. She cleaned them up and then gave us all some treats! Nice thing about the DOR, she never really gets upset with us and she always gives us special treats on holidays. We got apples, carrots, and nicker makers in our Halloween treat tubs.
Have a lovely evening. Give your horse some treats or they might have a "werehorse" episode.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Book Tag

Thanks to Cowgirl Up I have been book tagged.

  1. Grab the nearest book.

  2. Open the book to page 56.

  3. Find the fifth sentence.

  4. Post the text of the next two to five sentences.

  5. Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book or the intellectual one. Pick the Closest.

  6. Tag five people to do the same.

    As you know the DOR has taken up working on our feet again so she is reading alot of books about hooves. The one she has by the computer is Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You: A Hands-on Manual for Natural Hoof Care by Pete Ramey
  7. As I have repeated throughout this book, every horse was born to wear the low, strong heel of the ild horse model, but through unnatural trimming and living conditions the coffin bone actually sinks lower in the hoof capsule than it should be, taking the live corium at the heel with it. this means that usually we cannot lower the heel as far as we would like and still maintain the 3/8 inch thick sole, and ther is not a firm heel height that is right for all horses. With consistent trimming or wear, the boan and thus the corium are somehow pushed back up in the hoof capsule. Understanding of this phenomenon would help us understand why a wild hoof averages almost a full inch shorter than the hooves of most domestic horses the same size.

This book is a good basic overview/starter book to natural hoof care.

Next on the tag list:

Rambling Woods~The Road Less Traveled

The Painted Veil

Crunchy Chicken

Margie and Edna's Basement

Red Pine Mountain

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Side pull bridle

A side pull bridle has no bit, I like that...no metal banging my teeth. The reins are attached to rings on either side of the of my face (see me modeling my bridle in the photo). Your DOR will usually steer using direct reining, although they can neck rein with a side pull. Your DOR pulls the rein on the side they want you to turn. Usually the DOR will pull on both reins to have you stop, my DOR uses a one rein stop most of the time.
The simplest side pulls look and feel like a halter. In fact, many DORs have used a 'side pull' by attaching lead ropes to the rings on either side of the noseband of a halter. There are different names for side pulls. They may be called a cavesson bridle, Indian hackamore or a Lindell. Many are named after their creators like a Dr. Cook bridle.
Side pull bridles come in many different designs. Some may be made entirely of leather and some are made of rope. On some the nose piece may be a very stiff strap (or several layers) of leather. There may be a synthetic or metal wire inside of the leather for more stability. Some side pulls have nose pieces made of one or two lengths of stiff lariat rope. Knots on the nose pieces of the side pull add to the pressure when the reins are pulled. The wider the nose piece, the softer the pressure, while thin nose pieces can add to the severity.
Some trainers start young horses with a side pull. This allows the horse to learn directional signals without placing pressure on a sensitive mouth. Horses that are uncomfortable carrying a bit can respond well to a side pull. Horses with dental problems, malformed jaws or other facial injuries may be more comfortable in a side pull than a bit.
The nice thing about this bridle is I can munch on treats I find while we are riding without interfering in the DOR's ability to tell me what to do. The other nice thing is without a bit in my mouth I can do a lot of talking while we are out for a ride. If the DOR makes me work to hard this weekend I plan on doing a lot of talking.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Get out the vote!

I wanted to let everyone know the DOR has sent off her ballot. If she knows which end of me she would rather be looking at she had better voted for me. If she didn't my big ol' butt and lots of poop will be what she will see a lot of for several days, weeks, months, heck I could keep that up for years.
While I would love to have all of your votes, I know there are people who are not ready to see a horse in office yet. That is okay, our time will come-after all there have been plenty of horses' asses in office. One day America will be ready for the genuine thing in the Oval Office. Until then, please vote.
I will not give up my quest to bring about peace and proper treatment for all of the world's creatures.
The DOR has been busy at work, things are a bit hectic now. You know what she does for therapy? Every evening she is raking the poop out of the mushfaces paddocks and hauling it off. How stressful is human life when they find it relaxing to clean up poop? I am glad that I am not human...you guys worry too much.
I have heard rumblings of a fall trail ride. I am loading up on marbles, it is my job to keep the DOR on her toes at all times.
So if I become President will that make the DOR "First Pooper Scooper"?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



This lovely lady is a horse named Payton, she was a rescue horse living in a RCER foster home. Payton had foundered in the past, so badly her coffin bone had penetrated the bottom of her hoof. A human decided the solution to that was to put shoes on her feet held on by wood screws! She was in so much pain she could hardly stand while they did that, they ran the screws into the sensitive part of her hoof and to keep her from struggling they twitched her. All of this made Payton afraid of humans.
Payton came into RCER's (Rodeo City Equine Rescue) care a year ago. Her foster mom spent a lot of time earning her trust, the trust that was going to be needed to be able to help her heal. Payton grew to trust her foster mom, she trusted her enough to cooperate with a farrier in getting her feet trimmed. Payton was doing well until this past weekend, she suffered a sudden contraction of the tendons in one of her front legs. Payton suffered a lot of pain in the past, some of it intentionally inflicted by humans, and managed to build a loving relationship with her foster home. With that in mind, it was decided that Payton would not be subjected to any more pain, pain that could not be alleviated. Payton was sent over the rainbow bridge yesterday where she is now whole, pain free, and running as she loved to do. She passed peacefully in the company of the people who have spent the past year loving her and helping her heal…she will be greatly missed.
You may wonder why I am telling you this...the foster parent is some one my DOR knows and admires. The foster parent works in a job that allows her to look out for the welfare of all kinds of animals, she is a human who tries to help correct the wrongs done to animals by other humans. The sad thing about this is sometimes no matter how much the human and the animal work together to make things better it just is more than they can do. There is an important lesson here...horses are some of the most forgiving creatures on the face of the earth and that is a good thing because sometimes humans have a lot to be forgiven for. Horses suffer in silence; we don't cry or whine when you hurt us, we don't growl or hiss, we really have no voice to give to our emotions. Remember this when you deal with us, all we have is body language and you need to take time to learn to read it. We will forgive humans, it is our nature-but please do not take advantage of that and cause us needless pain or fear.
To Payton's foster home, this little appy thanks you for all you do. To Payton, I have a few friends across the rainbow bridge-tell them I miss them.
Thank you for reading this, please send positive thoughts to Payton's foster home I know they are sad.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Hoof jack

The DOR has a new toy, I am thinking it resembles a medieval torture device. The name of the thing is a hoof jack. I now that a car jack is to lift the car up to change a tire or work on it, but why would she need a hoof jack? I can pick up my own feet and she holds them while she cleans them...I am thinking she is getting lazy and doesn't want to hold my big ol' feet.
Her plan is to start rasping on our feet, under the guidance of the ubber farrier, in between farrier visits. This way our feet will stay in better shape. It will also be easier on Harley not to have his heels drop too much at one time and he will be able to get around well all of the time (at least that is the plan). The DOR hasn't done much farrier work, so she is learning something new.
I have an idea that I should teach her how to work on a difficulty horse, well at least once she has things figured out. I am really good for the farrier, but I can call up some mischief if necessary to help the DOR hone her skills. Next Sunday she will be working with the farrier, actually taking a lesson on how to do the rasping that we need done in between visits.
I am glad she is going to do this. It is important during my candidency for president that I am well coiffured at all times. A hoof crack could cost me the election and that would be bad.
I am thrilled the DOR is expanding her horsey horizons, but I am hoping that Salty or Freedom are her first practice horses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Vocabulary Sunday

The name for a mother horse. A horse's father is said to be its sire, while its mother is its dam.

A stiff brush used on the horse's body to remove dry mud and dirt. Not used on the main or tail because it will pull out too much hair.

A medication given to a horse to kill and remove worms.

A horse that is easy to keep; usually one that keeps in a good weight without having to be fed extra supplements or rich feed. Also, a horse that has good hooves and overall good health, making him easy to keep.

A person who rides, owns, or shows horses, or participates in horse activities.

A horseshoer; one who trim's horses feet and shoes them. Used to be called a 'blacksmith'.

The joint where the pastern and cannon bone meet; the first join above the hoof. Not just the actual joint, but the outer part of the horse's body surrounding it is called the 'fetlock'.

Horse hooves are filed with a farrier's tool called a rasp -- it is like a human finger nail file, only much larger and made of textured metal. One side is more abrasive than the other, and either side may be used depending on the job. This is used by a farrier during shoeing, to take off rough edges and smooth the hoof down.

A female horse under the age of 4 years old.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I want peace and I want it now!

I have been listening to my constituents, trying to find out what the people want.
Many are worried about the economy, fuel costs, food costs, and they all are concerned with world peace. I think that if the world operated using herd dynamics it would be more peaceful.
Horses are highly social and intelligent herd animals. Like all creatures, our social behavior developed to help the species survive.
Horse herds are usually made up of small bands containing mares, their foals, and immature horses of both sexes. There is usually one herd stallion, though occasionally the stallion may allow a few less-dominant males to remain with the group. I think that if countries were small like herds, then they wouldn't be out trying to boss other countries. Each country would understand that cooperating with each other improves the quality of life for all involved.
In spite of human mythology that portrays the dominant stallion as the ruler of his "harem" of females, the actual leader of the herd is the alpha or dominant mare, popularly known as the "lead mare." This mare is usually one of the more mature animals in the herd. She takes the lead when the herd travels, dictates when the herd moves from one place to another, what route they take, and has the right to drink first from watering holes and claim the best grazing. I know I am a gelding and Freedom is my running mate...but there is no reason that there shouldn't be a female running our country.
Survival dictates that the herd members ultimately cooperate and stick together. Humans need to understand that their survival is dependent on sticking together also. As with many animals that live in large groups, establishment of a stable hierarchy or "pecking order" is important to smooth group functioning. Contention for dominance can be risky since one well-placed kick to a leg could cripple another horse to such an extent that it would be defenseless, exposed, and possibly unable to get to food or water. Therefore, another job of the dominant mare and other higher-ranked animals is to exercise control and moderate aggressive behavior in the herd. You see we know that if you exert too much physical aggression the consequences can be dire. So a country gets mad at another country and drops a bomb or starts a war the damage caused can cause irreparable harm and hurt innocent beings. A good leader understand how to temper their control so that peace is maintained. In the herd it is the stallion's job to patrol and protect the herd from attacks. I have the feeling that if the leaders of government were responsible for personally protecting the inhabitants of their countries the leaders would not be so quick to go to war. Of course if needed I am willing to kick some rears to keep our country safe.
This weekend I am working with Freedom to come up with a way that the world can be at peace.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Terrorists in our own backyard?

The photo shows a ground trip wire, that could cause a horse to fall hurting itself and the rider. Imagine one at the height of a rider's head...some rectal cavity has (sorry for the potty word).
Someone has been rigging Lincoln's scenic trails with potentially dangerous booby traps, endangering people who use the paths and possibly targeting horseback riders...what kind of twerp would do that? In several incidents, the wires were attached to mouse traps in an apparent effort to injure the rider and spook the horse as well. Please go to this link to read the full story http://www.thebostonchannel.com/cnn-news/17784441/detail.html .

Freedom and I have huddled with our advisers, we all agree this is an egregious act and need to be handled swiftly and firmly-we will not tolerate terrorists in our own backyard. We believe the the President should place National Guard troops in the area to patrol the trails. The military action, code named"National Trail Liberation", should be fully funded and last until the job is done. The troops need to be fully equipped for a successful military action, one that is swift and just-then they will be brought home immediately to a heroes welcome.
Americans are not pleased with the current government, many are not to pleased with the two human front runners and some of them are expressing their displeasure inappropriately. Targeting a group of creatures because they are not human, mailing powdered substances to members of their own human herd is not going to bring about the changes we all crave. Hurting innocents will not undo the damage that the current administration has caused. No, the only way to make things better is to select a new president and vice-president who will step up and do the job for All members of American society. Horses understand that striking out at the innocent will not fix a problem, you have to go directly to the source of the problem and fix it. Freedom and I are willing to go directly to the source of America's problems and handle them.
Cast your votes for us, animals make your wishes know by casting your vote with a pile of poop left at the polls. Time to get your poop in a pile, remember every road apple counts. It is your poop make it count, it is the one time that a load of poop could change history.
Remember that I am committed to each and every member of the American herd! I am committed to bringing peace and prosperity back to our great nation.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Back away from the weight tape!

Son of a turkey caller, the DOR has dug out the weight tape.
She is keeping a closer watch on our weight. Actually she is mostly concerned about the mushfaces, she wants to make sure they don't loose any weight over the winter. I can understand that, they need special care and to keep their weight up. I can also understand her wanting to keep track of Harley's weight, after all "pretty boy" has a fit if he has any mud on him. Heaven help us all if he ends up packing a few extra pounds or starts showing some ribs-he will be impossible to live with.
So here comes the DOR to measure us all and get our weights. Salty stands like a good guy and the DOR gets the job done quickly, jotting numbers down in a book. No I am not telling any weights, it would be rude, but we all weigh over 1,000 pounds. Some of us weigh quite a bit over a 1,000 pounds. The DOR moved on to Freedom. She was working on getting the tape around him and he was busy helping. He kept grabbing the end in his mouth and tugging it every time the DOR reached under him to grab it. After several times of teasing her he gave her a break. Actually I think he wanted to go back to eating his mush-if it had been me I would have kept it up until she cracked. When the DOR went to measure Harely we all watched...how much did pretty boy weigh, would he be put on a diet, would he cry if he was overweight? Nothing great happened. Harley stood nicely, got measured, read his weight, sighed and went back to eating. Where is the joy? We were all hoping for something, but were disappointed.
The DOR headed over to me...not happening, not weighing in. Why would I? I have been called slightly plump, been told I am ripe, and nick named the WWB (wide white butt) there is no way anyone is getting anything else to tease me about. So out comes the tape and off I go. I figure that the DOR will give up if she has to chase me. No such luck, I forgot that her heart is better, she is in it for the long haul. I can't keep running, no I am not tired, Harley is getting my hay, yep that is the reason. When the DOR goes to put the tape around me I blow marbles (this is when I snort like I am going to launch to the moon), so she decides that she will rub the tape all over me. I hate that tape and I don't want it touching me so I dance around. She keeps rubbing me until I stand still. She didn't measure me...she said she needs a bigger tape! She said she will do it later. Until them I am practicing sucking in my gut so I will read smaller on the tape. If I am too much overweight she will put me on a diet and I want my treat tub.
I may need to call weight watchers, but I don't know what good they will do. My DOR has been watching my weight and I am still a bit hefty, maybe it will work because there is a whole herd watching my weight. I guess I need to be conscious about my weight since I am running for President, but still a guy has to eat.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Joe the Plow Horse

My opponents have implied that Joe the Plow Horse is not a real horse. Let me assure you that Joe exists and he is angry at the way government has been addressing the issues that concern him. Joe is the horse pictured to the left. As you can see Joe lives a simple life. He doesn't have a fancy tractor to plow the fields. Instead Joe depends on his DOR to balance a heavy iron plow while Joe drags it through the dirt. Does Joe complain? Heck no, he just soldiers on doing his job. Would he like a better life? You bettcha! Joe is getting up in years and would like to retire to a green pasture and a nice warm barn...but the current banking crisis has made that impossible.
This picture is of Joe's family-his wife and duaghter. They also have to work, everyone pitches in to send the one son off to dressage training.
This is Little Joe at school. L.J. has not forgotten his roots and often returns home on vacations to work with his dad at the farm.
As you can see they can often be seen working together.
So shame on my opponents for not only being concerned about Joe the Plow Horse, his family, and other horses like them-but shame on them also for completely discounting his very existance. It is time the two main candidates open their eyes to reality.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Blog blast for Peace

Shinade at the Painted Veil tagged me with the Blog Blast for peace...what a wonderful idea. I think it is time we all stand up and say it is time for peace. Wouldn't it be wonderful if for one day the world could be a safe, secure, and the wonderful place it has the potential to be? Maybe all together we can make that happen. Shinade has a much better way of explaining it than I could come up with so here is what she has to say:

Peace is a wonderful thing. Yet many all over the world are not walking out into their gardens and catching glimpses of flowers, bees, butterflies or any other thing that could be defined as beautiful.
Instead they face each day filled with fear, hunger, and sheer horror at the sights they and their children must endure every single day:genocide, bombs,funeral after funeral, burying the dead, mass graves go unmarked, their view and their hope is bleak.
So thousands of us, from all over the globe, join together every six months to make a simple post titled: Dona Nobis Pacem. We all hit the publish button at the same time. The plea for global peace makes a strong resounding wave all across this powerful new media known as the blogosphere.
On this one day no matter your country, your heritage, faith, your religious belief, or your lack of, on this day we stand as one.
We stand together for peace.
Please join us in this movement and post a peace globe on November 6, 2008.
The rules for this meme are very simple:
*1. Please visit Mimi at Mimi Writes and pick up a blank globe to decorate.*2. Write a post on your blog announcing the upcoming event.*3. Tag everyone you can think of so they too can help spread the word.*4.Please leave a comment and let me know that you have picked up the tag.*5.Please return after your post is made and let the person know that tagged you that you have completed the tag so that they can add your name to their list.*6. Make sure to link this meme to the original source- Mimi*7. Please link back to the person who tagged you.*8. You don't have to be tagged to play. Anyone reading this please join in.*9.When you are finished be sure to copy the list at the bottom of this post and add your name before you make your post.
I tag:
Current Participants:
A Great Pleasure , A Journey Into The Mind & Life Of A Teenager , A Nice Place In The Sun , A Piece Of My Mind , A Room Of Crazy Scrapper , A Simple Life , A Word In Edgewise , Alasandra & The Cats , Amazing Life, Amel's Realm , Amori,poesie,arte,chat by Hanna , And Miles To Go Before We Sleep... , Angell'z Secretz , Another Desert Rat , Anyhow Blogs , Anything Goes , Apples Of The Eyes , Are We There Yet? , Are You Grateful? , Asara's Mental Meanderings , Ask A Lesbian , Attitude, The Ultimate Power , Awestruck , Backroads West Virginia , Balitang Kalye , BearsMountain , Beggar's Shot Glass , Betty's This and That , Bijoux & Banter , Billy Warhol's Billion Dollar Baloney , Bits and Pieces , Bits and Pieces by Jan , Blessings In Life , Blogger Happy , Blue Dreamer's Top Five , Bogie's Wonderland , Byrningbunny's Challenge Page , Cafe At the End Of The Universe , california is a recipe for a black hole , Candid Karina , Cap'n Dyke Lesbian Pirate Queen and, Rogue Blogger , Captain Picard's Journal , Carver's Site Or Is That Sight? 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Your name here
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

Our foreign policy platform

The picture to the left is of one of the greatest horse leaders in the world, Blueskin. He became famous for his leadership in battle and his ability to inspire awe. This horse has served as an inspiration to both Freedom and I as we continue our campaign.
We have outlined part of our foreign policy, it follows below.

Freedom and I reject the notion that the moment of the American horse has passed. We still believe that America is the last and best hope for horses of the Earth. We just have to show the humans why this is so.
I believe that the single most important job of any President is to protect the American horses and their people. The 21st century requires a new vision of American leadership and a new conception of our national security-it is time to take a look at the entire herd. In today’s world the security of the American horse is linked to the whims and diets of people’s around the world. When kill buyer-trafficking and corruption threaten horses in Latin America, Europe, and Canada it is America's problem too.
The threats to the American horse do not just exist within our country’s boundaries. However, there are threats that exists in our own backyard. Irresponsible breeders, backyard breeders, and equine industries that perpetuate the proliferation of breeding in search of that one “million dollar” horse-all of which toss aside the horses that do not make the cut. Many may find it tempting to practice isolationist tendencies; this will not solve the problem of living in the global community. We must reach out, share our resources with those who are in need, lend a helping hand to those who are being bullied in the world’s pastures, and take action against those who would threaten innocent lives. The leadership that the horses of America have been known for has been neglected, possibly abandoned. I insist, however, that such an abandonment of our leadership is a mistake we must not make. America cannot meet the threats of this century alone, but the world cannot meet them without America. America’s horses have a proud history, one that is known worldwide; it is time that we live up to that history. We must lead the way; take the lead in ensuring the safety and security of the worlds equines.
We must lead by providing strong herd leaders. We must marshal strong herds in a global effort to provide security around the world. We must lead by building and strengthening inter-herd partnerships and alliances to meet our common challenges and defeat our common threats. As a candidate for President of the United States, I am asking you to entrust me with that responsibility. There are ways America will begin to lead again when I'm President. There are several ways to let the world know that we are committed to our common security, invested in our common humanity, and still a beacon of freedom and justice for the world.
The first way America will lead is by bringing a responsible end to the herd squabbles. I will ensure this happens by placing strong herd leaders in all herds. These leaders will meet monthly to discuss herd dynamics and other issues. These horses will understand the importance of peacefully managing a herd, they will also understand the need for occasional force-sometimes there just needs to be a good butt kicking.
The second way America will lead again is by building the first truly 21st century herds and showing wisdom in how we manage it. We must maintain the strongest, best-equipped horse facilities in the world in order to defeat and deter conventional threats. The past administration is handing over an agricultural force that has been stretched to the breaking point, understaffed, and struggling to repair its equipment. We need to rebuild our infastructure in order to ensure that each horse has a ton of hay available to them each month that they are not on pasture. We also need to make sure there is plenty of pasture space for America's equines.
The third way America must lead again is by marshalling a global effort to meet a threat that rises above all others in urgency - securing, destroying, and stopping the spread of inhumane horse slaughter. We can do something about this. As President, I will lead a global effort to secure all slaughter plants within four years - the most effective way to prevent any further openings of slaughter plants. We must also dissuade other countries from joining the horse slaughter club.
As the world's largest producers of greenhouse gases, America has the greatest responsibility to lead here. This is the fourth way America must lead. We must enact a cap and trade system that will dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. The best way to do this would to all become vegetarians. Thus reducing the human dependence on cattle for food, we all know what methane producers cattle are. I am not sure how humans will respond to this, but I know the equine population will be delighted with the extra hay that will result in the reduction of the cattle population.
The fifth way America will lead again is to invest in our common herd. We must ensure that all creatures have a safe place to live. We must ensure that all creatures have the things they need. We also must ensure that all creatures are treated with dignity and respect. As President, I will double our annual investments in meeting these challenges to $80 billion by 2011 and ensure that those new resources are directed towards these strategic goals. It is time we have a President and a Vice-President who can speak to the world, send a message out that says “You are part of our herd. You matter to us. We are all in this together.” The American Horse’s moment has not passed. Our moment is here, it is imperative that we seize this moment and begin building the herd back up to the mighty entity it used to be.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Fuel and food costs

We are addressing the concerns of one of our constituants regarding fuel and food costs. Our foreign policy will be published tomorrow.
Freedom and I have been looking at fuel and food costs...boy howdy are they horrible! I don't know how Joe the Plow Horse is going to make ends meet. fuel prices are bad, even though they have taken a slight drop. I am concerned about fuel prices for several reasons. How are our drivers (the DORs) supposed to take us on trips to the mountains, clinics, and other interesting places with gas prices so high? I know I tease about my DOR and her clinics, but I get to show off at them and I want to go! If fuel prices stay so high then the price of food will stay high also. Higher hay costs means more horses without proper feed, homeless, or at risk of being sent out of the country for slaughter. We can not have this! I have a few things that might help with fuel costs.
Joe the Plow Horse and his buddies would love to be kept busy helping humans farm the old fashioned way. They work for feed, water, and fair treatment. Not only will farmers save on fuel costs, they will also be reducing the emissions that cause global warming.
The other thing that can be done is the active harnessing of the methane gas emissions from cows. We simply fit all cows with methane gas collecting backpacks. We all know what gas factories cows are, why not put that to use? It will help reduce our depenece on foreign fuel sources. Methane will produce electricity by burning it as a fuel in a gas turbine or steam boiler. Compared to other hydrocarbon fuels, burning methane produces less carbon dioxide for each unit of heat released. Methane, being the simplest hydrocarbon, produces more heat per mass unit than other complex hydrocarbons. In many cities, methane is piped into homes for domestic heating and cooking purposes. In this context it is usually known as natural gas. Methane in the form of compressed natural gas is used as a vehicle fuel, and is claimed to be more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels such as gasoline/petrol and diesel. Research is being conducted by NASA on methane's potential as a rocket fuel.
Freedom and I are also encouraging humans to have a "ride your horse to work day" once a week. The fuel savings from that one day alone would be enough to feed all of the horses at Joe's TB Friends each month.

Food costs are getting out of hand! How much are we expected to pay for simple grass hay, not to mention the pelleted feed that the senior horses need. Joe the Plow Horse works hard and is struggling to keep food in the manger. Here is a sampling of the prices in Washington State: 3rd cutting orchard grass-$250 per ton at the stack, 4th cutting alfalfa-$250 per ton at the stack, 2 string oat hay-$200 per ton at the stack, 3rd cutting alfalfa-$250 per ton at the stack, first cutting timothy $ 220.00 per ton at the stack, 2nd cutting timothy aasking $ 250.00 per ton at the stack. There is a large amount of hay from Washington State that gets exported to Europe for $500 per ton at the dock. I believe that we need to place restrictions on the amount of hay that is allowed to be exported. I also believe that corn should be used for food purposes and not for alternative fuel (we already addressed the fuel issue with the cows). By keeping corn in the food market rather than for fuel the price of corn based products would drop.
These are just just a few of the options that we are looking at to help address the fuel and food price problem.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Vocabulary Sunday

I have had several people ask about vocabulary words specific to the world of horses. I know that when the DOR started hanging out with horses she had a lot of words to learn too. So I am going to dedicate Sunday to vocabulary.

When the horse carries it's nose above the rider's hands, reducing the rider's control

A scrape on the skin.

An infection in the sensitive hoof tissues, often causes lameness, and requires draining. Once puss has been drained from the hoof, the horse will usually recover quickly. If not drained, it will usually work itself out of the hoof, making a hole along the coronet band or at the bulbs of the heels, and will then drain.

A cinch near the back of a Western saddle that keeps it from tipping up when the horse stops or turns suddenly. Often seen in fast events or ranch horses. It goes just in front of the flank and is much looser than the front cinch.

The distribution of the rider's weigh evenly on the horse's back.

The curved area of the saddle that makes up the back of the seat. This term is used for both English and Western saddles.

When a horse is on the ground an unable to rise, usually because the horse rolled too close to a fence or wall and is unable to get its feet under it to rise. A cast horse can suffer brain damage and can also suffocate if down for more than an hour.

The part of the saddle that goes around the horse's heartgirth and holds the saddle on. They vary in length and material; Many English riders also call this part of the saddle the 'girth'.

Freedom and I are still working hard on our campaign. We have met with our foreign policy advisers and have come up with our operating policy. I will publish it tomorrow.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


On the campaign trail

I know a lot about trail riding, but the campaign trail is an entirely different matter.
I now have my own Presidential seal. I think I am looking pretty presidential on it.
Freedom has had to meet and greet a lot of babies. He likes to hang out with people, but he can become a bit of a grumpus rumpus at times so we are trying to limit his public appearances. Freedom is more of a behind the scenes work horse type of guy.
I on the other hand love the crowds and visiting. I have met some interesting individuals. I met Joe the Plow horse in Ellensburg, Washington. Joe has worked for minimum wage all of his life. All Joe really wants is a fair wage for a day's work. Is it too much to ask that a working horse be able to eat 15 pounds of hay a day, have some grain now and then, get proper medical treatment? I say NO it is not too much to ask...all of the Joes in the world are entitled to the same things as the world famous John Henry. Every ranch horse should be able to achieve the simple pleasures enjoyed by the fanciest barn horse.
As you know from my past experience with the "Equal Treatment For Cactus Jack Splash Foundation" I am all about equity. No creature is better than any other creature, we must all work together, equally, to make the world a great place.
Well I am off to get a pedicure and groomed. I need to look my best for the possible up coming debate. I am still waiting to hear from the two leading human contenders for the office of President...I think they are scared and they should be-this little appy could kick both of their hinnys at the same time. Of course they do have the advantage of being able to speak, hmmmph, however I can do some pretty fancy moves galloping through the pasture.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Another Award

Thank you Shinade at The Painted Veil blog
The rules of this award are:* Put the logo on your blog or post.* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) * Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.* Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.* Link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
Now comes the hard part, picking the blogs to give the award to...there are so many great ones out there!
1. Teachings of the Horse an interesting blog about a lady and her journey with her two horses.
2. Rambling Woods a wonderful on-line nature journal with lovely photos.
3. Margie and Edna's Basement a blog about two elderly sisters who live in Jericho, just a delightful read.
4. Baba Yaga's Mirror This is what she has to say about her own blog-The second half of my life is full of what I love, starting with horses. I have two horses (Red & Lyra) to make up for lost time. One helps me to appreciate the other. Both teach me to be present in each moment.
5.The Eagle the Lion and the Dove by kimmysharinglight Soul searching and self discovery comes from within. However, much can be learned from everyone around you-Kimmy leads you on a wonderful journey of discovery.

Please visit these blogs and see what you think.

Tomorrow the ubber farrier is coming out. We are all getting our feet done.

Freedom and I are busy working on our foreign policy. A vote for Cactus Jack Splash and Freedom is an investment in your future.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Presidential debate

So the final Presidential debate is over....
I am still left with a few questions, in fact they are serious enough questions that I have made a big decision-I am running for President with Freedom has my running mate.
I know I am a young guy with minimal experience managing a herd however, it is time for a change. It is time to get a new perspective, be told the straight scoop about poop, and to have a leader willing to kick butt if needed-it also doesn't hurt that I a cute. Freedom has years of experience managing herds of not only horses but also cattle. Freedom is a horse of few words and fewer teeth, but he has a lot of wisdom. Now there may be concerns about his age, his physical fitness to lead if something should happen to me. Let me assure you according to his doctors he is in excellent shape and Dakota says Freedom is going to live forever.
Being the Commander in Chief would be fitting for a little spotted pony and his buddy, after all appaloosas are very familiar with the role of Chief and the responsibility it carries.
Our platform is simple:
  1. Anything that stinks needs to be removed.
  2. Poop will not be tolerated.
  3. Hay prices need to be managed so the poor can afford to eat.
  4. Veterinary care will be free for horses over 20 years old, we need to take care of our senior citizens.
  5. Health care will be billed on a sliding scale based on income or the number of carrots you have saved up.
  6. Bullies will be kept in their paddocks and not allowed in with the herd until they want to play nice.
  7. Increased funds for research into equine health issues such as cushings, laminitis, navicular disease, uveitis just to name a few
  8. We support "right to life"-no horse should be slaughtered for a fine dining experience.
  9. We support "death with dignity"-every horse should be allowed pass on with dignity, respect, and love...neglect and abuse will be capital offences punishable by the same treatment being perpetrated on the offender.
  10. All horses will receive proper hoof care.
  11. There will be educational funds set aside so that every horse can receive an education, we are proposing the "No Horse Left Untrained" initiative.
  12. All senior horses will receive full-care retirement.
  13. Indigenous horses with continue to receive the rights and benefits entitled to them.
  14. Straight load trailers will be for cows only.

This list features our "high priority" items, we realize there is much work to be done outside of this list. We look forward to hearing from our constituents. I know we entered the Presidential race late, that shouldn't matter because we will be able to out-run and out-last our opponents.

As our platform continues to evolve we will update you. Please contact me if you wish volunteer for or contribute to our campaign. We are requesting that the two main Presidential candidates meet us in a neutral pasture for a debate...that is if they are not afraid.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I must have been a beautiful baby...

I must have been a beautiful baby because I grew up to be one very handsome guy.
My only other owner sent the DOR pictures of the day I was born (see the first one on the left-I am still wet and trying to stand up) and of me my first day gracing the earth (I know I am starting to sound a bit like Salty-who by the way kicked me last night because I was not respecting my elders, hmph).
Here I am with my mom. I already have that big ol' butt going. My mom looks alot like the DOR's Scooby, must be part of how I stole her heart. I have my mom's head and legs. I also have her easy going temperament. I have her mane.
Here is my proud poppa. I have his neck and a bit of his long back. I also have his showy attitude and gentle nature. I also have his tail-good thing that way I have a tail.
I inherited both of their butts.
Here I am standing on my long wobbly legs. I have the heart on my hip that the DOR loves so much. The DOR says I am "a break your heart horse", as you can tell she loves me to bits.
I am sneaking this picture in...it is the DOR when she was a 6 month old baby. That is her very first book "Where Timothy Lives" given to her by her great-grandfather. Even then she was horse crazy-just look at that big grin. That is the same smile she gets when we are together.
Thanks Tim for sending the DOR pictures of me, it made her day.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rescue board meeting night

The DOR is at a board meeting this evening for a rescue that she works with. Rodeo City Equine Rescue is a small, but very effective rescue. They work with local law enforcement agencies along with animal control. If you live around Ellensburg or in the Yakima Valley they are in need of foster homes. Click on the image to the left to visit this organizations website.
My support crew will be out doing chores his evening. I will not be a werehorse, I will not be a werehorse, I will not be a werehorse-I plan on redeeming myself with the chief of my support crew.
I have to report the DOR was not stiff or sore when I saw her yesterday. I, on the other hand, have a sore butt from collecting myself at the trot. The DOR did give me a nice massage so I am feeling much better.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


It was a lovely ride!

The DOR was out for the first ride in a long time Sunday evening. She came out with my junior support crew member Dakota. It was a really good time and made us both tired. She gets a bit winded, that is what happens when you sit around doing nothing strenuous for too long. I got tired because she had me working at a trot (well really a nice slow jog) for about 20 minutes. I know I threatened to use a jackhammer trot if she was going to make me work on being collected...but I just couldn't do it to her, she was so excited to be riding and I didn't want to ruin it. Maybe the next time. I have been sitting around doing nothing for a bit too. She worked with different arena riding patterns so I wouldn't get bored. She was using "101 ARENA EXERCISES A RINGSIDE GUIDE FOR HORSE AND RIDER by Cherry Hill " Dakota would call out an exercise and we would do it...I think he was looking for the ones with the most turns.
I was working on my collected trot. As you may recall the DOR thinks that I don't use my hind end enough, which in turn makes my back lazy. She wants me to tuck myself up and under, which will also keep my back strong. Well the same goes for her, she needs to work on sitting and standing straighter. So we are both working on our form.

Don't tell the DOR is put this picture up, she worries about things like this. Dakota did the picture taking and requested that I make sure this one is posted. What I want to know is does my butt look big in this photo? I have talked to Dakota about taking pictures of my butt, he can take all he wants of the DORs, but after the vet said I was looking a bit plump I am a bit sensitive about my butt.

Here I am checking in with the DOR, I wanted to make sure she was still doing fine. I didn't want to overwork her. Every time we got by the mounting block I stopped...just in case she needed to get off. I even used my nose to push it into just the right spot for her, but she wanted to keep on playing. We had a 45 minute ride, probably longer than either one of us needed until we are in better shape.

Because Dakota asked so nicely I ended the evening with a little barrel jump for him.
I had a super good time and it was nice to have the DOR back riding. She was giggling and humming almost the entire time. According to Dakota she also had a giant grin on her face.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


I think I found the DOR's theme song

The DOR saw George Straight's Troubadour on Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets blog. She really liked it and told the chief of my support crew that is how she felt. She gets up everyday thinking she is still in her 20's and then she looks in the mirror. See I told you she has brain damage...she doesn't even know her age anymore. I not sure why she is worried about her age, Freedom is 40 and he is still going like a young guy. Come to think of it maybe she should worry, you see Freedom is starting to get a bit senile lately and he eats only mush. I think that it is good that she is the age she is, a younger DOR would have me doing dressage and other demanding activities.

When the DOR was younger she went on some of the most amazing trail rides. She went horse camping and spent every spare minute she had on her horse. She was Fair royalty and used to do Rodeo runs on her horse named Moonshine Nikki. There wasn't a horse she wouldn't ride...the ranker the better, she loved a challenge. She would ride Nikki without any tack, they just spoke the same language. The thing about getting older is humans get wiser and realize some things just aren't a safe or a good idea-horses know that from the get go.

The DOR and I are busy building happy memories. They aren't the memories of her youth, but they are just as sweet. We have the peaceful/mellow relationship that comes with age. Sometimes the happiest moment happens when we are just hanging out together. I love my DOR and that is alsmost better than a big bowl of Freedom's mush.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Blue tarp purgatory!

The DOR was out this afternoon to do chores. She came into the pasture with a muck bucket to scoop poop, she doesn't want us eating where there is poop...a bit picky if you ask me. My job was to inspect the contents of the bucket-I wanted to make sure that the bucket really had poop in it. I was hopeful that the contents would magically turn into Freedom's mush before the DOR would notice and I could chow down-no such luck. The DOR emptied one load and somehow lost her mind at the same time. She returned with the muck bucket and a blue tarp. What the purgatory was she thinking...I don't like grocery bags and she thought I might find a blue tarp fun. She drug it around the pasture, actually she drug it while she followed me as I was blowing marbles out my nose. She eventually put the tarp down and started scooping more poop. I was concerned that she would run out of poop and start chasing me with the tarp again so I did something about it.
I gave her a nice fresh pile to pick up. She just laughed and shook her head. I tried to get Harley to help, but he couldn't come up with the goods.

The DORs husband, chief of my support crew, showed up and tossed us corn stalks.
The DOR watched us eat them and then she went a bit nuts again. She decided that the blue tarp should be by the corn stalks.

If you think I am hiding behind Harley, you are absolutely right! Harley really is much braver than I am, he loves meeting new things-I don't think that anything scares him.

The DOR put some of the corn stalks on the tarp. Harley didn't care, he just walked right on it. I sniffed it and then touched it with my nose.

I even got brave enough to eat some of the corn off of the tarp. The DOR took one corner of the tarp and drug it off. Harley followed right behind her...I followed behind him. She tucked it over a panel rail, she was going to use it to cover the bales of hay that the chief of the support crew was taking down from the big pile. Harley decided that it would be fun to slide the tarp from one side of the panel to the other. He did this for about five minutes. He would give me a sideways look once in a while, I think he wanted me to join in. I just couldn't, standing there watching him without blowing marbles out my nose was all I could do.
Here is the chief of the support crew getting hay down off of the big pile. He comes out every Saturday and gets our hay ready for the week. He is a good guy and gives the best scritches. I am keeping my distance still after the "werehorse" incident because I need to earn his trust back.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


My winter coat.

The DOR was out doing chores...with lots of help from me of course. She cleaned up poop, it was a bit weird she was humming the whole time and told us thank you for pooping so much and giving her something to do. I am beginning to wonder if she has brain damage and the doctor just missed it. She tried to get a picture of my face, but I kept following her around trying to stick my nose on her shoulder.
Here is a picture of me munching hay. As you can see I am getting my black winter coat. I turn dark chocolate in the summer with some light brown highlights. The DOR thinks it is a bit odd that I completely change colors...not sure why she thinks that is weird her hair is changing colors too. Her favorite thing about my coat is my heart marks.

This heart gets a bit messy when I turn black, but in the summer it is a nice shape.
The DOR says this marking reminds her of a card player holding a bunch of hearts. I am not the only one at the ranch who wears his heart on his butt.
Here is one of the hearts that Freedom sports. Dakota is funny about this particular heart. He will often stand with his forehead on this spot and just relax. Good thing that Freedom is a gentle old guy, having you head there could be a bad thing with some horses.

I thought I would share another picture of my rear. The DOR says it is a bit massive. Her plan is to make me start doing work collecting my big butt up under me at the walk and trot. Doesn't she know that I will just get more muscle, which in turn will make my butt even bigger? Oh well I will indulge her, after all how long do you think she will enjoy riding a "jack hammer" trot.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Vote for Sunny Acres please.

For those of you who don't know I live at a wonderful place called Sunny Acres Ranch. The picture is of a section of one of the many pastures there. The lady who manages the boarding facility is one of the greatest people you could ever meet, her name is Shelly. Shelly also rescues horses, she was the lady who rescued Salty The Wonder Horse. Currently she has several horses at the ranch she has rescued and is rehabbing ...she does all of this at her own expense. Shelly makes sure every horse has its teeth done yearly by an equine dentist, regular farrier work, the dietary supplements they need, vetted as needed, and training before she places them up for adoption. She also has rescued horses who will live their lives out at her ranch, they are ones with very special needs, older, or who have an issue that prevents them from being anything other than a pasture ornament. These horses live like royalty for the rest of their lives. Shelly has an opportunity to receive some grant money through a contest. I am attaching her message below. Please help me help my friend...thanks.

Petfinder is sponsoring a $100,000 contest for rescues. Through the $100,000 Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge, they are giving away a total of $100,000 in grants. The Animal Rescue Site is hosting this special contest. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant and there are numerous other grants available to groups with the most votes!In order for Sunny Acres to win anything though, I need everyone to vote for us.....every day! You do this by going to www.theanimalrescuesite.com. After you CLICK TO GIVE, you will be able to click on ads located at both the top and the bottom of the page for the $100,000 Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. Enter Grandview and WA, and Sunny Acres will come up. Then you just click on the VOTE button. You can vote EVERY DAY, through December 15, 2008. Please pass along this info to all your friends and acquaintances too. I have three horses in rehab right now. All three are going to be long hauls. I work two jobs to support my rescues and never solicit donations. So, if Sunny Acres can win anything, it would be a huge help. I'm also up against some HUGE rescues with lots of people. Thanks for all your help, and please spread the word!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR

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