Get out the vote!

I wanted to let everyone know the DOR has sent off her ballot. If she knows which end of me she would rather be looking at she had better voted for me. If she didn't my big ol' butt and lots of poop will be what she will see a lot of for several days, weeks, months, heck I could keep that up for years.
While I would love to have all of your votes, I know there are people who are not ready to see a horse in office yet. That is okay, our time will come-after all there have been plenty of horses' asses in office. One day America will be ready for the genuine thing in the Oval Office. Until then, please vote.
I will not give up my quest to bring about peace and proper treatment for all of the world's creatures.
The DOR has been busy at work, things are a bit hectic now. You know what she does for therapy? Every evening she is raking the poop out of the mushfaces paddocks and hauling it off. How stressful is human life when they find it relaxing to clean up poop? I am glad that I am not human...you guys worry too much.
I have heard rumblings of a fall trail ride. I am loading up on marbles, it is my job to keep the DOR on her toes at all times.
So if I become President will that make the DOR "First Pooper Scooper"?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

Jack..we don't get to vote early in NY state, but I am going to vote my issues and you wrote about most of them. I hope the DOR doesn't overdo. Remind her of that OK?

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Yea Cactus Jack! I AM voting for your Ass to make the White House!
Would please me just fine!

Q said...

about time we got some horse sense in the White Stable! I was gonna write in 'none of the above' but now I will write in your name!


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