I must have been a beautiful baby...

I must have been a beautiful baby because I grew up to be one very handsome guy.
My only other owner sent the DOR pictures of the day I was born (see the first one on the left-I am still wet and trying to stand up) and of me my first day gracing the earth (I know I am starting to sound a bit like Salty-who by the way kicked me last night because I was not respecting my elders, hmph).
Here I am with my mom. I already have that big ol' butt going. My mom looks alot like the DOR's Scooby, must be part of how I stole her heart. I have my mom's head and legs. I also have her easy going temperament. I have her mane.
Here is my proud poppa. I have his neck and a bit of his long back. I also have his showy attitude and gentle nature. I also have his tail-good thing that way I have a tail.
I inherited both of their butts.
Here I am standing on my long wobbly legs. I have the heart on my hip that the DOR loves so much. The DOR says I am "a break your heart horse", as you can tell she loves me to bits.
I am sneaking this picture in...it is the DOR when she was a 6 month old baby. That is her very first book "Where Timothy Lives" given to her by her great-grandfather. Even then she was horse crazy-just look at that big grin. That is the same smile she gets when we are together.
Thanks Tim for sending the DOR pictures of me, it made her day.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Syndi I am thrilled to death that you recieved these photos. what a treasure and he was a very beautiful baby.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

What an adorable baby he was!

Lux said...

Oh, what precious pictures! I love baby pictures ... :)

Andrea said...

Oh, you were so very handsome!! I can't believe how very cute you were!! And your DOR was very sweet. Awh, the memories.

Rambling Woods said...

Awww...you were (and still are) such a cutie Jack and cute photo of Cyndi..

Train Wreck said...

Oh he was a gorgeous baby! I would have been taking photos daily! How great that you have these moments!
You baby pic is adorable too!


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