I think I found the DOR's theme song

The DOR saw George Straight's Troubadour on Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets blog. She really liked it and told the chief of my support crew that is how she felt. She gets up everyday thinking she is still in her 20's and then she looks in the mirror. See I told you she has brain damage...she doesn't even know her age anymore. I not sure why she is worried about her age, Freedom is 40 and he is still going like a young guy. Come to think of it maybe she should worry, you see Freedom is starting to get a bit senile lately and he eats only mush. I think that it is good that she is the age she is, a younger DOR would have me doing dressage and other demanding activities.

When the DOR was younger she went on some of the most amazing trail rides. She went horse camping and spent every spare minute she had on her horse. She was Fair royalty and used to do Rodeo runs on her horse named Moonshine Nikki. There wasn't a horse she wouldn't ride...the ranker the better, she loved a challenge. She would ride Nikki without any tack, they just spoke the same language. The thing about getting older is humans get wiser and realize some things just aren't a safe or a good idea-horses know that from the get go.

The DOR and I are busy building happy memories. They aren't the memories of her youth, but they are just as sweet. We have the peaceful/mellow relationship that comes with age. Sometimes the happiest moment happens when we are just hanging out together. I love my DOR and that is alsmost better than a big bowl of Freedom's mush.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

OMG!! I read this and felt like i was reading about myself. Getting older while relatively easy to do is a challenge to learn to live with. But what is the alternative??

Rambling Woods said...

I told my sister about the horse blogs I am reading and asked her if she could send me a horse vocabulary list as I don't know some of the words being used. She got a good laugh out of that.

Speaking of horses. Sis is going to have surgery on her foot tomorrow. Kindly old Matthew stepped on it by accident and did some real damage and it didn't heal right. I could see her Ruby stepping on her on purpose, but that is her personality not Matthew. Horses have big feet...

I can relate to the getting older part. There was a time when clipping my toe nails wasn't such a chore or getting up from the floor. I never did anything that was really athletic except for cross country skiing which I really enjoyed. But where does the time go and why is everything much lower than it used to be? GG

Andrea said...

Oh, I love that song!! George is wonderful. And I think getting older is just not fair. We should feel tired when we are young and then feel great as we get older. that way we will have the energy to do out and to all the things we have always wanted to do!! :)

restoration42 said...

Hi Ya Jack, for some weird computer reason, we haven't been able to comment lately. Seems like it is cool now. Oh man, we better count our lucky stars that we didn't meet our DORs when they were young wild things. Mine rode her horse Cane up and down the logging roads and mountain trails of Coyote Creek Rd. in Oregon. Rode FAST. Sheesh, this summer was bad enough when she decided we would do the trail horse thing. Moseying. Thats what I want. Jack - hope that werehorse thing isn't contagious. I've just got my DOR convinced that she doesn't have to be the boss ALL the time. Heh, heh, heh. I'm liking this ALOT. Going all were and wild could get me in alot of trouble here. Hope you can keep your inner werehorse tethered for a bit. Later, Red

Cactus Jack Splash said...

The DOR thinks that we should be able to keep the feel of a young body. Getting older isn't the issue so much as the stiffness and aches/pains that come with it. She thinks it would be great to be ache free and as flexible as she was in high school clear up until the day she crosses the rainbow bridge?
Of course the DOR would be making me go for long rides in the Cascades...I am not so sure it is a good idea.

Jackie said...

Just popping in to say hi and that I haven't forgotten about you.

I just added you to my blog roll also.

Blessings my new friend:-)

Jackie said...

Oh I agree with Rambling Woods. You should do a post and tell us more about the terms.

I am a horse lover but have never been fortunate enough to be around them.

I have something for you and I hope you and all your horses will like it.


Happy day tomorrow:-)


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