This lovely lady is a horse named Payton, she was a rescue horse living in a RCER foster home. Payton had foundered in the past, so badly her coffin bone had penetrated the bottom of her hoof. A human decided the solution to that was to put shoes on her feet held on by wood screws! She was in so much pain she could hardly stand while they did that, they ran the screws into the sensitive part of her hoof and to keep her from struggling they twitched her. All of this made Payton afraid of humans.
Payton came into RCER's (Rodeo City Equine Rescue) care a year ago. Her foster mom spent a lot of time earning her trust, the trust that was going to be needed to be able to help her heal. Payton grew to trust her foster mom, she trusted her enough to cooperate with a farrier in getting her feet trimmed. Payton was doing well until this past weekend, she suffered a sudden contraction of the tendons in one of her front legs. Payton suffered a lot of pain in the past, some of it intentionally inflicted by humans, and managed to build a loving relationship with her foster home. With that in mind, it was decided that Payton would not be subjected to any more pain, pain that could not be alleviated. Payton was sent over the rainbow bridge yesterday where she is now whole, pain free, and running as she loved to do. She passed peacefully in the company of the people who have spent the past year loving her and helping her heal…she will be greatly missed.
You may wonder why I am telling you this...the foster parent is some one my DOR knows and admires. The foster parent works in a job that allows her to look out for the welfare of all kinds of animals, she is a human who tries to help correct the wrongs done to animals by other humans. The sad thing about this is sometimes no matter how much the human and the animal work together to make things better it just is more than they can do. There is an important lesson here...horses are some of the most forgiving creatures on the face of the earth and that is a good thing because sometimes humans have a lot to be forgiven for. Horses suffer in silence; we don't cry or whine when you hurt us, we don't growl or hiss, we really have no voice to give to our emotions. Remember this when you deal with us, all we have is body language and you need to take time to learn to read it. We will forgive humans, it is our nature-but please do not take advantage of that and cause us needless pain or fear.
To Payton's foster home, this little appy thanks you for all you do. To Payton, I have a few friends across the rainbow bridge-tell them I miss them.
Thank you for reading this, please send positive thoughts to Payton's foster home I know they are sad.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Jackie said...

Oh this made me so sad. Why do humans have to be so cruel. She was so pretty.

Oh it just simply makes me so angry when people harm other living beings that can't protect them selves.

I am 1/4 Cherokee...even with all the blond hair, and I too know she is running wild and free at last.

Good bye Payton and may your run be swift and fabulous through out eternity!

Andrea said...

Poor Payton. She definatly had it rough. I am glad that her last year was happy. She really was a beautiful girl.

Florida Beach Basics said...

RIP, Payton.

Cheryl Ann said...

RIP, Payton. At least now you are not suffering.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh..now I am crying...

Amanda said...

Absolutely heartbreaking!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Breaks my heart! This is the second one I've read about today!
RIP, Payton...you can run free of pain now..


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