Presidential debate

So the final Presidential debate is over....
I am still left with a few questions, in fact they are serious enough questions that I have made a big decision-I am running for President with Freedom has my running mate.
I know I am a young guy with minimal experience managing a herd however, it is time for a change. It is time to get a new perspective, be told the straight scoop about poop, and to have a leader willing to kick butt if needed-it also doesn't hurt that I a cute. Freedom has years of experience managing herds of not only horses but also cattle. Freedom is a horse of few words and fewer teeth, but he has a lot of wisdom. Now there may be concerns about his age, his physical fitness to lead if something should happen to me. Let me assure you according to his doctors he is in excellent shape and Dakota says Freedom is going to live forever.
Being the Commander in Chief would be fitting for a little spotted pony and his buddy, after all appaloosas are very familiar with the role of Chief and the responsibility it carries.
Our platform is simple:
  1. Anything that stinks needs to be removed.
  2. Poop will not be tolerated.
  3. Hay prices need to be managed so the poor can afford to eat.
  4. Veterinary care will be free for horses over 20 years old, we need to take care of our senior citizens.
  5. Health care will be billed on a sliding scale based on income or the number of carrots you have saved up.
  6. Bullies will be kept in their paddocks and not allowed in with the herd until they want to play nice.
  7. Increased funds for research into equine health issues such as cushings, laminitis, navicular disease, uveitis just to name a few
  8. We support "right to life"-no horse should be slaughtered for a fine dining experience.
  9. We support "death with dignity"-every horse should be allowed pass on with dignity, respect, and love...neglect and abuse will be capital offences punishable by the same treatment being perpetrated on the offender.
  10. All horses will receive proper hoof care.
  11. There will be educational funds set aside so that every horse can receive an education, we are proposing the "No Horse Left Untrained" initiative.
  12. All senior horses will receive full-care retirement.
  13. Indigenous horses with continue to receive the rights and benefits entitled to them.
  14. Straight load trailers will be for cows only.

This list features our "high priority" items, we realize there is much work to be done outside of this list. We look forward to hearing from our constituents. I know we entered the Presidential race late, that shouldn't matter because we will be able to out-run and out-last our opponents.

As our platform continues to evolve we will update you. Please contact me if you wish volunteer for or contribute to our campaign. We are requesting that the two main Presidential candidates meet us in a neutral pasture for a debate...that is if they are not afraid.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Annie told me to let you know you have her vote plus why don't ya come up and see her sometime. wink wink

Cheryl Ann said...

Hey, Scout would like to be your Secretary of State. She's REAL GOOD at getting other horses to do what SHE wants!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Scout if we get elected the job is yours!
Annie would you be interested in a cabinet position too?

Rambling Woods said...

You've got my vote Jack...

Victoria Cummings said...

Silk and Siete are with you all the way, boys!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Good one! marge


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