Side pull bridle

A side pull bridle has no bit, I like that...no metal banging my teeth. The reins are attached to rings on either side of the of my face (see me modeling my bridle in the photo). Your DOR will usually steer using direct reining, although they can neck rein with a side pull. Your DOR pulls the rein on the side they want you to turn. Usually the DOR will pull on both reins to have you stop, my DOR uses a one rein stop most of the time.
The simplest side pulls look and feel like a halter. In fact, many DORs have used a 'side pull' by attaching lead ropes to the rings on either side of the noseband of a halter. There are different names for side pulls. They may be called a cavesson bridle, Indian hackamore or a Lindell. Many are named after their creators like a Dr. Cook bridle.
Side pull bridles come in many different designs. Some may be made entirely of leather and some are made of rope. On some the nose piece may be a very stiff strap (or several layers) of leather. There may be a synthetic or metal wire inside of the leather for more stability. Some side pulls have nose pieces made of one or two lengths of stiff lariat rope. Knots on the nose pieces of the side pull add to the pressure when the reins are pulled. The wider the nose piece, the softer the pressure, while thin nose pieces can add to the severity.
Some trainers start young horses with a side pull. This allows the horse to learn directional signals without placing pressure on a sensitive mouth. Horses that are uncomfortable carrying a bit can respond well to a side pull. Horses with dental problems, malformed jaws or other facial injuries may be more comfortable in a side pull than a bit.
The nice thing about this bridle is I can munch on treats I find while we are riding without interfering in the DOR's ability to tell me what to do. The other nice thing is without a bit in my mouth I can do a lot of talking while we are out for a ride. If the DOR makes me work to hard this weekend I plan on doing a lot of talking.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


LatigoLiz said...

Book tag!

Andrea said...

I love side pulls. I always use one when breaking a colt. They are great!

Jackie said...

Sorry about this Jack because it is not related to your post.

But, I simply have to tell you the story. And I do so hope you will pass it along to your wonderful care taker.

I was browsing around the other day trying to get caught up on drops and visits.

Well, I cam e upon a site that looks a great deal like your site does.

So I thought I was visiting you. Oh my goodness what an idiot I felt like after I realized that I had made a comment to a poor lady who is still probably wondering who in the world is that crazy nut.

You see Jack she had a very sad post about how drained she was and how very much she needed to take a break from blogging.

Now please remember Jack I have never been to this site before.

But seeing as how I thought it was your site I proceeded to tell this poor lady this story.

I told her that ever since I found her blog( which I thought was yours) I knew she had been posting everyday and could certainly understand how you needed to take a break.

It was a long comment offering all the support I possibly could. Because I was so worried about you Jack and your keeper.

I am still embarrassed every time I think about it. But, I wanted you to know that I was very concerned. Only it wasn't you.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Oh yes I am sure this will amuse you too. Our state is holding our early election day tomorrow on Halloween day...fitting don't you think?

Happy Halloween Jack!!:-)))

Cactus Jack Splash said...

That is a bit funny and also very touching. I need to let you know the DOR is actually feeling wonderful. She is remembering not to push too hard, but is sure enjoying being able to do so many things now.
She has also taken up meditation, she does that in the middle of the day, to keep things in balance.
We sure appreciate your concern.

Sage said...

Glad to see you promoting the side pull, or hackamore. I think they are great and should be used more. I had a Morgan horse that really hated a bit but was good with the hackamore. And I think we would all be better if we would let more of our horses go barefoot. I haven't had a shoe on a horse in about 6 years and all are doing great. Of course I don't ride any of them very hard but think they would do alright even if I did.

Strawberry Lane said...

I think your beautiful horse with the star belongs in my barn. We have a wonderful 12x24 empty stall right next to black Royal with his white star. I love matched pairs.

Anonymous said...

Where did your human find that sidepull? I keep finding the rope nose type - they are too severe for my purpose and the cheeks were placed too high, making them too close to the horse's eyes. Have seen one with braided rawhide noseband - like a bosal that stops at the two sidepull rings rather than going under the chin, and the rings were set lower than the rope type. Any ideas? Thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also think your Side-pull is great. And was wondering where you got that set up. Post to help other horseman do the right thing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well horse... I have tried my local saddle shops to either find me or make me your bridle you are sporting. Sadly, I've come up empty. Could you use your horsepower to show me where to find such spectacular using gear.

Anonymous said...

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