Forgiveness is another lesson Jack, along with many other horses, made sure I learned. Jack will be upset with me about some stupid thing I did-usually involving braiding, costumes, or not handling him in the manner I should have. As you can see in the photo Jack is very good at making "mad faces". No matter what I have done Jack expresses his upset and then forgives me.
Now in my past I wouldn't express being upset and would just pack around what ever hurt/upset that I felt for a long time. I was making myself miserable not being able to forgive others and most of all not being able to forgive myself for things that I had screwed up.
I have seen abused horses forgive humans and try again to build a relationship with a new person. Horses have an amazing capacity to forgive, it is a capacity that we humans would benefit greatly from if we could cultivate it. By being able to look a something that needs forgiven, breathing deeply, forgiving and letting go I have found harmony with the world around me. Jack also taught me that forgiving doesn't mean forgetting... forgive and be wiser.
Thanks Jack, forgiveness is a lesson that I will always have to work at-especially when it comes to myself. I am glad Jack is around to remind me constantly of this lesson. Maybe one day I will get it just right, but until then I just keep practicing.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Dear Jack,
I didn't get all of my exercises done today, I spent too much times in meetings. I hope you had better success with your therapy today than I did. I did stick to my diet, so that was a success.
Freedom is missing Free a bit, luckily Salty is paying extra attention to him.
Marge at Space Coast Beach Buzz posted a message to you on her blog. I submitted a picture of the two of us together to NASA, it will be on the next space shuttle. Yep, we are going to outer-space...exciting!
I am glad tomorrow is Friday. I am going to try and sneak away for a quick visit with you.
Love the DOR


mommanator said...

forgiveness is a wonderful word and state of being

fernvalley01 said...

Forgiveness is something horses do so easily , we all should take that lesson

Anonymous said...
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