I have "boogie butt"

The DOR says I have "Boogie Butt", whatever. I am just so happy to have room to move that I am doing a bunch of it. I have been put in a pasture that has one small hill and one long rise for me to navigate over. It is supposed to help build my core strength back up. I just think it is fun to prance around the pasture, mostly because is upsets Sir Royal Pain-not that I would ever purposely tease him.
So what was the conclusion that was reached about my condition? Well I have neurological issues that are a result of the accident and toxicity build up. One of the main suspects for the toxicity issues is the pyrethrines that the mosquito control agents sprayed the day before I had trouble, pyrethrines were also in the mosquito halt that the DOR had been using on us for a week. Pyrethrines are labeled a safe/harmless for livestock. Supposedly livestock can drink water immediately after it is sprayed. Most horses do just fine, some react after a build up of the stuff, and then there are horses like me who can not tolerate it for some reason (maybe an allergy). The DOR would always feel a bit queasy after spraying me with the repellent that had pyrethrines in it, so how safe could it be for a sensitive spotted horse? The DOR is aware that the true cause of my condition will remain somewhat of a mystery, but she also knows that she needs to support the horse that I am and love the spots right off of my butt.
I am on Dynamite regular vitamins, 2,000 IUs of vitamin E, probiotics, 2 Tbs eucalyptus leaves, 3 Tbs raspberry leaves, 660 IU of Black Cohosh, and 1/4 cup of 50 ppm Colloidal Silver (formulated by an equine veterinarian especially for horses). I get all of that yummy stuff in 1 cup of cob and 1 cup of PGR. I am on this regime until July 10th at which point I will be rechecked for what I need. I am thinking when I get rechecked they need to check Sir Royal Pain to see if he is a bit hormonal, he seems to think he is a stud.
Well that is enough about me, how are all of YOU?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Interesting about the spray. I noticed that one time Cali seemed to be reacting to the Roundup that the ranch owner was spraying on the leaves. She was very lethargic (worse than usual!), but the next day was back to normal.

Leah Fry said...

I have only known of one other horse allergic to conventional sprays. Her mama has to buy organic spray for her.

Powell River Books said...

You are looking frisky and good to me. Keep up the regimen to get even better. - Margy


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