Freedom speaks Saturday

Sorry the post is very late today, but I have been really busy! I got my feet done today and it is hard work for all involved. Mushboy holds my lead rope, the SCC now has to help me stand up and stay balanced for the farrier, and the farrier works hard to make this as easy on me as he can. Salty even pitched in and helped support my front end. I did really well for the farrier today and it wasn't to much of a struggle for me to stand like I should. There have been a couple of times lately that I could barely keep my feet so the farrier could work on me. I am thrilled that today went as well as it did...this old guy still has a few surprises in store for the humans around him.
After the farrier finished with my feet the equine therapist gave me a massage. The DOR showed her the rack she uses to give us all big scritches with. The therapist scritched me silly....
It was a great day for all of us horses and all the humans at the ranch.
Jack left with the therapist. He will be spending the next week being evaluated and working on his body issues. The DOR is a bit sad, but she is also happy that he is getting the help he needs.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


蕙帆ElmoAc said...
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Florida Beach Basics said...

a pedicure is a good thing - sounds like a day at the spa! take care of DOR and Mushboy while Jack is gone. marge


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