Importance of the herd, another lesson learned

The little horse in front is Jack's Shandi Doll. She is hanging out with Beau and his harem while Jack is gone.
I have a tendency to do things on my own. I don't like asking for help, it makes me feel like I am not doing enough. At work I would rather do things myself than ask others to do things, I am getting better about my job change because I have no choice. I am also a bit on the shy side, my family says I am a recluse-I know a bit hard to believe. I was the kid that would cry if the teacher called on them in class. I can't stand crowds, a visit to WalMart can set off a panic attack.
Jack has taught me that the herd is important. Each member has a role to play and each role is important. That there is a security to be found with others, a camaraderie that enriches your life. With Jack's help I have gone to clinics and ridden with people I don't know, something that I couldn't have done without his lessons. I find that I want to venture out and expand my herd, add friends, and have new experiences. Maybe one day I will go on an extended trip to a several day horse clinic, ride with a whole herd of strangers an not feel panicked at all.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Dear Jack,
Your Shandi Doll was herding llamas today. She seems to be having fun playing with the big girls.
I did some extra walking today. I may have done a bit too much because my ankle swelled up. I guess we can want too much too fast.
A friend sent me a photo of an appaloosa that is in Australia that reminded her of you. While he was nice looking he couldn't hold a candle to your good looks. I bet if you visited Australia you would be a rock star in no time.
I hope your therapy is going well. Remember to give the therapists plenty of smooches, it will earn you extra carrots.
Love the DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

What is your job change? I like a routine, too...change is SCARY! As an only child, I was always pretty shy, but as a teacher, I've had to overcome that!

~~Cheryl Ann~~

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Cheryl I was appointed the Director of Special Services and made a principal of a small school

rodriguezp said...
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