Love like crazy-the second lesson

I had a good visit with Jack, Scooby, and Hank yesterday. Jack is still being evaluated, lots of information so far that I will share at a later date when I process it all.
Because of things that happened when I was younger I am not a very demonstrative person. I am reserve with the people I love, I have a hard time letting them know how much I care. I was even that way with my animals, well that is until Jack wouldn't stand for it. Jack has taught me to love like crazy. If I wouldn't hug and smooch him he would fuss my hair, shirt, hands, anything until I would give him his hug. If I didn't pat him for a job well done he would pout until I praised him. He always finds a way to make sure I laugh and smile every time we are together. Slowly inch-by-inch he cracked the shell that I had surrounding me, protecting me, and taught me that love has no limits. He taught me that opening up and allowing love to flow just brings more love. With love there is no limits. He showed me that a simple gesture can somehow have the most powerful impact. When Jack places is nose in my hands and stands there or asks me for a hug the love he passes on to me in those moments is so deep and rich. I learned from Jack that a smile, a touch are simple gestures that my family appreciate so much. Jack has taught me how to show others they are loved and appreciated without being fearful of doing so. This is a lesson I will forever be grateful for. Being able to love like crazy has sure made me so much happier.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Dear Jack,
I did my stairs and worked on walking properly. I was a bit amused to find out we are essentially working on the same things right now: hills and proper gait strides. I was so happy to see you today. I have missed your hugs and smooches.
Your new little friend is cute, nice you two get to hang out together. I hear you are the only horse that she doesn't kick...she must have figured out how special you are.
Thank you for your special surprise yesterday. To pull up to the rehab facility and see that brought me to tears. I just sat in the car and cried for several minutes before I got out to come and see you.
I am looking at spots where you and I can go for "trail walks".
See you soon


Betty said...

Even though I have not met you and Jack in person I have the feeling that we have a lot in common.
Love Hugs and Good Thoughts.
♥♥♥ ♫♫♫ ♥♥♥

fernvalley01 said...

Jack is truly a wonderful horse and a kind soul , just what you needed

刁陳 said...
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