Packed and ready

Look at the DOR hanging on to me like she will never let me go. But let me go she must, well at least for a couple of weeks. My bags are packed, my transportation arranged, and Shandi has a babysitter lined up. I will be leaving for rehab on Saturday.
I am going to be evaluated to see where I am physically and neurologically at this point in time. Then a plan will be made on what I need to be working on now. I will be spending my time working hard on getting my body and mind to work together like they should. The DOR is planning on coming up to visit me as often as she can, she actually would like it if she could see me everyday.
This is a big step forward for both of us. We will find out what direction our journey will be taking us next. The one thing the DOR and I are sure of is that no matter what the future holds for us, we will be spending our future together...we are lifers!
This is my last post until my return. The DOR will post updates about my progress.
The DOR will also be authoring the blog for me while I am gone.
Have loads of fun and many appy trails.
Don't forget to hug your DOR!
See you soon
Love Cactus Jack Splash


Desert Rose said...

HIT THE ROAD JACK...but please come back safe and with some good news!!!

Gail said...

Good luck and we shall miss you.

Jocelyn said...

Have a good time Jack! Get better soon !

wilsonc said...

Good luck Jack! Send the DOR a postcard now and then won't ya?

mommanator said...

What a great fotog opportunity for you both. She should copy that pic and sent in your saddlebags so you can look at from timre to time

Florida Beach Basics said...

well, DOR is not as good a writer as you, but we'll be kind :) We'll look forward to your safe return and a detailed trip report. marge


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