Jack's first lesson, what he taught me

So Jack arrives home and I am thrilled beyond words. I felt like I was living a dream, that I would go out to the pasture and he wouldn't be there, that I couldn't possibly deserve to have a horse like Jack. I also wondered at times if I was up to building a partnership with a young, green horse...what was I thinking. But there are times we just follow our hearts and do not need to ask questions.
So Jack set about to teach me the first lesson he felt I had to learn...appreciation. I thought that I knew what it was to appreciate something, but I had never felt the depths of how deep that feeling could run. He taught me that to appreciate something doesn't require that something to have a job, to do anything, to have a role. No, there are times we can appreciate something simply because it exists. To be able to sit and just watch Jack grazing brought about so much joy that first week I often felt overwhelmed. To have him nicker to me and walk over, putting his nose in my hands made me feel special at the end of a long day. If Jack saw me as a worthy person at the end of each day, that was all that mattered. He quickly became my yardstick. So as the first month we were together was spent getting to know each other, Jack had already begun to change my life without me even noticing. Jack became my new teacher, a role he still continues with amazing talent and skill.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Jack, I did my therapy today. I walked up and down the long stairs 4 times today. I also did my ankle strengthening exercises. I had a moment of panic when I drove by your section of the pasture this morning...you weren't there and that early in the morning it took a minute for my old mind to remember you were at rehab.
I will see you on Tuesday afternoon
Love the DOR


Grey Horse Matters said...

Our horses are wonderful teachers in so many ways. The lesson of appreciation is one that will last a lifetime, along with caring and loving our special friends.

Jocelyn said...

my horse has taught me so much, it is immeasurable. I would opanic too if my pony wasnt where she was supposed to be !

Can't wait to hear about his progress!

Desert Rose said...

Every nicker...fills my heart!

Mama H said...

This was so sweet. Thank you for reminding me (all of us?) how precious our relationships with our horses are. I know that I love my Maria to pieces, and I feel that reciprocated everytime she waits at the pasture gate for me.

熙辰 said...
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Mountain Woman said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I also purchased a young horse who wasn't supposed to be so green but yet she was. She turned my world topsy turvy and everything, every expectation I had was changed. I too gaze at her running in the field and I admire her beauty and her sweetness. It's a journey for sure with unexpected consequences.

I know Jack will be glad to see you.

mommanator said...

great post!

fernvalley01 said...

Good on you for doing you exercises.And thank you for sharing more about you and Jack


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