Listening with your whole self

These are Jack's cute ears. Seems that they are always listening for something. He doesn't just listen with his ears though. I have noticed that he listens with his feet,eyes, his nose, his body...Jack listens with all of his senses and then responds.
Listening is something that Jack has been working with me on. Sometimes I don't listen with my ears as well as I should, I think I have heard all I need to and then I act. There have been many times that I have missed some important piece of information in the desire to get things done. So I have been working on my wait and respond time.
The other part of "listening" is using all of the senses in the same manner that Jack does. I have found a wealth of information available to me if I use all of my senses, information that I can access without my ears.
My life has been so enriched by taking in all of the things around me using all of my senses. The colors, smells, feeling, and sounds are so rich and abundant that I find something wonderful each day.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

Dear Jack,
I don't know about you but I am sooooore! I pulled a muscle in my stomach and my ankle is complaining about having to work hard. So I took today a bit easier, I know I am a slacker.
Your Shandi Doll is out with Beau and the mares. You should see her running around with her tail up like a flag. She is teasing the old mares, playing tag, and stretching her legs. She is very interested in the cows, stands and stares at them and follows them along the fence-line.
I hope you are having fun with you new friend and enjoying your treats.
See you soon
Love the DR!



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