Freedom speaks Saturday

As you know I have been taking care of a little wild filly. She had not been treated very nicely by humans in her past. It was my job to teach that humans as a general rule are good and the ones here are wonderful. I also needed to teach her that she could be friends with other horses, she was not too friendly for a bit.
She and I became very close, I love her. The DOR named her Freedom's Lady, that made her an extra special horse. I called her Free.
Free learned everything she needed to learn here. The DOR and I worked hard and made sure she was ready for her next step. Free left on Wednesday to go stay in the mountains and continue her work with a human she calls "the rope man". Free likes the rope man and he likes her. He is kind, gentle, and honors the horse that Free is. She especially likes the scritches that he gives her.
Free went to meet Bryan Nuebert on Thursday evening. Yesterday she wore a saddle for the first time, she wanted to show the rope man that she was smart and willing. A human even sat on her. Bryan says she will be a gentle horse, I could have told him that. You see I have been telling her how much fun it is to play with humans, how when you wear a saddle you get to go see things and run in the hills. I taught her about bravery, friendship, and we talked about the importance of forgiveness and trying again. All the humans here made sure she was treated with love and understanding. Free was more than ready to move forward when she left.
I miss her, but my good friends Salty the Wonder Horse, Coelho, and Reinie are keeping me busy. I wanted to stay with her but I am to old for 5 hour trailer rides, running hills, and chasing elk. For the time she was here Free made sure I felt young again. I think we traded...she gave me some youth back and I gave her wisdom.
I am going to keep my eye on what Free is doing. If she ever needs me the DOR says that Free can come back and spend time with me. I am proud of my lady, she has come a long way from the terrified horse that arrived here.
Life is so good!
Here is a photo of Freedom's Lady saddled for the first time...she wasn't too upset. Seems that whatever Freedom has been whispering in her ear worked.
Dear Jack,
I so enjoyed the two hours we spent together today. You seem so calm and at ease. It was nice to brush you and not have to hurry to do other things. The next time you want a tropical smoothie let me know, I will get you your own-that way you won't have to drink all of mine.
I am looking forward to you coming home next week...we all are.
Keep working hard on your therapy, I am working on mine.
See you soon Boogie
Love the DOR


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