Freedom speaks Saturday-Who will wear my bridle?

Yesterday the DOR took her beloved Scooby's bosal to a friend to try out on their horse. The bridle was hung up two years ago when Scooby could not longer be ridden. The DOR has mixed emotions every time she looked at Scooby's bridle. She has fond memories of the times she rode Scooby and she feels sad knowing she will never ride him again. I think she has kept his bridle because she wasn't willing to completely admit that she would never ride him again. Passing his bridle on to another horse is her final way of saying she knows their riding days are done.
The DOR is a bit funny about bridles. Each of her horses have their own bridle. She thinks it is gross for us to share bits. I am not sure what she is thinking after all we sniff each others rears, poop, and scratch each other using our mouths-but we indulge her weirdness.
My bridle is still hanging in the tack barn. I wonder when the DOR will decide it is time to pass it on to another horse? While I don't want to be bossy, I do have some criteria for the horse who will be allowed to fill my bit: they must have a sense of humor, they need to be tough, they need to be willing, they need to be a bit stubborn, they need to love their human with all their heart, they need to watch over their herd, they need to be willing to give the humans they are around 110%, preferably they will be an appaloosa (because we are the best), never show their age, and they need to enjoy playdays-in short they need to be like me! The horse who wears my bridle needs to be pretty special, after all they will have a big bit to fill.
Have you ever wondered who will "wear your bridle" when that time comes? I know whoever wears mine will be well loved.
Life is so good!


Leah Fry said...

Funny you should bring up this topic, Jack. Stay tuned...

Jocelyn said...

yeah, my horses had seperate bridles too. NOw that i only have Star she has them all to herself :)

fernvalley01 said...

This post made me tear up a little , It took a long time and a very special horse to finally wear Catana's bridle,(it was not until after she had gone) but never yet, her bit

EvenSong said...

I guess my herd is a bit like a group of teenagers: they swap bridles and bits all the time! I want to make sure each one has the bit that works best for them and the headstall that is the most flattering.


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