Steady Eddy?

The DOR did a personality test about me and this is what it said:

Your horse is a ... SLCF(Submissive Lazy curious Friendly) - The Steady Eddy
If you are a novice or amateur, this is the horse for you. They are quiet and predictable, loving and engaging, willing to learn new things, willing to hang out with you and do nothing. This is not your big ego, career-oriented horse. They are happy to just be. Consistent and loyal, all you need to do is enjoy!


Whatever you want
Appreciate them
Play with them
Keep variety in their work
Keep workouts short


Have huge expectations
Overtax them
Ignore them
Bore them

The DOR read this and thought it sounded so much like me. Now I will admit that I have had a weirhorse episode, well maybe two, but for all points and purposes I am still green because I lack a bunch of saddle time. But when the DOR is at risk or there has been danger when she has been riding me I have stepped up and taken stellar care of her.

Well now that she knows the type of horse I am we will see if that changes the kind of DOR she is.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

Jaz is also a Steady Eddy. Poco is a Wild Card. I thought these descriptions fit my horses to a tee.

涂宛臻 said...
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