Unfair treat treatment!

So the DOR comes out to the pasture pulling a wagon with treat tubs in it. Salty and I get our tubs of treats and we start munching. I look up and see that Freedom is eating out in that pasture with us, there is no paddock for him to eat his mush in. I get to looking closer and realize that the old fart has a ginormous (gigantic/enormous) tub of mush. It is the biggest feed tub I have ever seen. I know it is as big as the one in the picture (I added some grass to the picture so you could imagine it in the pasture) and it was full of mush. I finished my tub and Salty finishes his, we both head over to Freedom to see if we can score some of his mush. The DOR flags us off and won't let Freedom share. I go over to the wagon and check the bucket and tubs to see if there is anything there, I find a little bit and eat it. I head back over to Freedom to see if I can get any of his mush, the DOR flags me off again. What is up with that, hasn't she heard it is nice to share? I am sure that Freedom would share, I know that Salty and I could convince him it is a good idea if we could get past the DOR. I was thinking that we could out-wait the DOR, that she will leave before Freedom is finished-no such luck, she is a persistent lady. I personally think that Salty and I should be getting as much in our tubs as Freedom is getting in his. I am not buying the excuse that he has no teeth and needs mush-I think he has the DOR wrapped around his hoof and that is why he gets so much mush. To make matters worse I hear that in the winter time he gets mush TWICE A DAY!!!!
Tomorrow the DOR is going to treat me to hula hoops...I hope they are fun to eat.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Andrea said...

LOL, you are too funny. I do believe horses really think this way. They always see the grass being greener on the other side. LOL!! Fun post!

Cheryl said...

Cactus, your DOR is one smart lady! And persistent!


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