I want what this guy has

It has been cool here for several days. That was nice because the flies were not as bad. Well the little flies were not as bad...the horseflies declared war. We all felt like we were being attacked by the Horsefly Luftwaffe. The DOR and her friends have not found a spray that will keep these flies at a distance without the risk of making us ill.
I found a picture of a guy that seems to have found something that takes care of giant flies. If anyone knows who this guy is send him our way with that spray can...I have some moving targets for him to practice on.
I think that these pictures are what a horsefly ought to look like. Can't you just imagine me flying around? Of course the DOR would have to watch out for unexpected gifts falling from the sky the next time she tortures me with one of her 'toys'.
Tomorrow the hay guy is bringing out a few tons of hay. The DOR bought a bluegrass, ryegrass, orchard grass, and fescue blend. I think it sounds yummy. She informed me that I could not have any until the grass was done growing. I have informed the grass that it should be packing its bags and moving south for the winter. I want to munch on hay, that way I can stand in one place and conserve my energy. If I can conserve enough energy I think I could run fast enough to fly, or at least make the DOR feel like she is flying.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl said...

Hey, there! Gigo STOOD STILL for fly spray yesterday. I was so proud of her! She is really coming along under my cousin's lessons! HA! I think I had more flies on me....hmmm...wonder if my homemade fly recipe would work on me????? (tee hee)...vinegar, water, Skin so Soft.....

Anonymous said...

Cute blog. I just found it. I saw the great picture of the jumping Appy and knew that i had to investigate. I'll be back.


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