What the what?

Run for the hills DOR, aliens have landed!!!

I'm quietly munching away on clover and when I look up I see the DOR surrounded by aliens. They have her hands connected to their face by ropes and they are taking her to a holding pen. I am freaking out, the DOR is part of my herd and we must protect each other but I can't reach her. I am greatly relieved when I see her husband Bryce help free her from the aliens and remove her from the holding pen, quickly shutting in the aliens.

I kept my eye on them for a bit to make sure they didn't escape. I notice that they looked quite similar to a baby horse, but they have no mommies. I notice they seem to be grown up, just stunted. What the what? Could these be some kind of strange horse? They must be from another planet because they don't look like a proper horse (the photo is a stock photo-not the what I saw). What would you do with one?

The DOR came down to see me, gave me scritches and hugs. She smelled like a strange horse, a strange short alien horse. I kept bumping her with my nose and looking at those alien horses, she informed me that they belong to another herd, not ours-good thing because they are silly looking. They are entertaining to watch, I just hope they go back to their own planet soon.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Looks like someone rescued some minis!!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Not my DOR! She is at her limit. With Scooby (her blind guy), Salty the Wonder horse, Freedom, Ginger, Hank the Tank, and Harley she is FULL!!!
I think minis are silly. What would the DOR do with them except giggle and she can do that with the ones I can see.


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