Happy Birthday DOR

The DOR turns 50 years old next week. Her family and friends had a surprise party for her today. It was two weeks in the planning and she had no clue. Salty even managed to keep it under wraps. It was great! Her youngest son Dakota was visiting his sister Sarah for the weekend. Dakota called and said he needed the DOR to come and get him because he was sick. So she and Bryce, her husband, got in the car and headed out to get him. When they got to Sarah's house the DOR spotted black balloons in the yard. She saw her oldest son Jeremiah sitting in the yard with his partner Kim and their two kids. Then she saw her dad, stepmom, and a sister. She was so surprised, she started crying. Later some friends showed up, the same friends that said they were busy and not able to fuss with horses because they were heading to town (a cover story in case the DOR saw them on the road while she was headed to her daughter's house). There was a bunch of food, nieces and nephews, all her grand kids, and a real fun time. She says it was the best birthday ever.
Well I didn't want to be outdone, so I gave the DOR the one thing I knew would make her happy...I ate grain out of the grocery bag tonight. Yep, I stuck my nose it that much hated bag. The DOR came out with the tub/bag and I did the obligatory snort and then ate some grain. It was a grand mix of rolled mix/apple asses/NW horse feed/BOS, I think the DOR was giving us all special treats because she had a great day. I watched the DOR take the tub out of the bag and dump some of the mix into the bag. I was thinking good I can eat out of the tub and my buddy can have the sack. That wasn't what happened, she put the tub where I couldn't get it and then opened the bag wide for me to get to my treats. I hesitated for a minute and then figured that if I ate out of that bag it would make a really good birthday present for her, so I stuck my nose in and ate my grain. I even ate a second helping out of the bag. Then to make things really grand for the DOR I let her pet my neck with the bag. I did all this without wearing a halter or a rope. She was thrilled! I have learned that little things like this are very rewarding for the DOR and keep her excited about our lessons.
Freedom and I are now hanging out in the same pasture as Salty. That is going to be fun because there are two mares on either side of us, four lovely ladies. They are already flirting and talking to us. If I am lucky for my birthday the DOR will get me a mare of my own.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

It's a good thing Syndi. How would you like to be a teen in todays world?? EEEEEEKS!!!
Happy Bithday to you!!!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lot of folks and horses that love you went to a lot of effort to make sure this was special.

The W.O.W. factor said...

How thoughtful of you! Bet you made DOR's birthday that much more special!


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