I am an uncle-well sort of

My former owner, the only other one I have had, is a proud grandfather!!! Congratulations, I think that is so coooool. My FO (former owner) is a young looking grandfather (not like the guy in the picture).
I think that grand kids are cool. The DOR has two and I like it when they come visit. They bring treats out to us and like to brush and pet us. The best thing of all is they never wave flags, bags, or other silly things at us.
The DORs new tool of torture is a hoola-hoop, actually 4 hoola-hoops. She got the kind that rattle, the worst kind. She walked through the pasture with them, not too bad. She rattled them a bit, I found some marbles. She tried to get me to touch them with my nose, the marbles started flying everywhere. I want to know where she plans on riding me that I have to be able to tolerate rattling hoola-hoops, a Whammo manufacturing plant? The DOR should take the hoola-hoops home for her grand kids to play with. She could send them to the FO for his grand kids, tell them they are from uncle Jack.
I really just have an issue with a certain type of noise, not the object. Keep the object quiet and I am fine. Rumor has it that a friend suggested tying a windbreaker to my saddle horn and work me on the long line. Yep that would be the same friend that suggested putting carrots in a bag...I'll give that friend a bag full of something and it won't be carrots.
Well FO, when the grand kids are big enough and they want to see the smartest appy in the world bring them for a visit. Oh and remind them that there are no bags, windbreakers, flags, hoola-hoops, or other rattly things allowed.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


One Red Horse said...

Hey Jack,
Red here - do not under any circumstances let my DOR see this blog. She is a freak with wierd noise things already. Get this, I'm chowing down on my crunchies and she pulls out one of those damn squeakies that goes inside dog toys. "SQUEAKIE SQUEAKIE SQUEAKIE SQUEAKIE SQUEAKIE" I start walking on air, dump my good food,about a galleon of adrenaline starts pumping in my veins, and she keeps on with the "SQUEAKIE". It gets worse, next time I want I carrot (I mean, I just quiver all over when I think of carrots), I have to put my head over the "SQUEAKIE" sound to get it. There ought to be an operation that keeps the DOR brain from coming up with this kind horse torture. Catch ya later, Red

Cactus Jack Splash said...

A dog squeakie! My DOR hasn't come up with one of those, at least not yet. We do have some squeakie dogs at the ranch though.
Not fair for DORs to have your favorite treats and then torture you with some sort of darn noise.
Hang in there.

Sage Gray said...

what a beautiful
appy you are. I love your blog so informative. Meet my horses, one is an appy at Tumbleweedcrossing.blogspot.com
yes my owner tried that bag thing with one of my horse friends once, it didn't seem to do much good. He just avoided it. petending it wasn't there


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