Please help Red

Red is a horse friend of mine that lives in California with his DOR. Red has a friend who is a dog named Leena (see the picture) and she is missing...
It is sad when a friend is missing. If you are in California and know where Leena is please go to this blog http://babayagasmirror.blogspot.com/ and let them know.
Thanks for your help
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
You also might want to hug your friends so they know you love them, just in case they get lost.


One Red Horse said...

Hey Jack - thanks for spreading the word. Mom, er - my DOR is pretty down in the dumps. We gotta watch out for
our DORs, they are really pretty fragile.

Let you know as soon as that silly pup shows up.

Red Tee Bar


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