Report card time

Hank's report card arrived yesterday. The picture is of one of his first attempts at jumping. The rider is forward purposely to keep off his back and to make sure she doesn't pull on his mouth while he sorts out this jumping business. He was just jogging up and hopping over. He is doing much better now after a few sessions. He loves jumping and the trainer is just delighted with him. The DOR is very proud that her 'dumpster horse' is going to be part of the CWU equestrian team. She is going up to see him on Saturday and cheer him on.

This evening when the DOR arrived I was playing with the hula hoop. It is fun to pick it up, shake it a bit, and then toss it up in the air. Sometimes when I toss it up it will land on its edge and roll for a bit. I am hoping that she will find some other fun toys to put out in my pasture.

So do you think the DOR would be impressed if she came out to my pasture and I was doing what the horse in the photo is doing?
Tomorrow the DOR has parent orientation night at school so there won't be a post. See you in a couple of days.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl said...

That pic is too cute! What a funny horse! WHERE did you find it? Of course, we expect Cactus to do the same thing!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

It was posted on a collection of pictures...
I am pretty sure it has had the heck photoshopped out of it, but it gives Jack something to shoot for.


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