Lazy DOR

Yesterday the DOR's day was filled with the ubber farrier in the morning, helping a friend move for a bit in the afternoon, and catering to all of us in the evening...she was pooped out.
Today the plan is to help move some panels and then come out and spoil us all some more.
I have been learning to deal with the grocery bags that the DOR has placed around my pasture. It is an amazing things, they stay where she has put them. Not a single one has tried to eat my face, she must be a really good bag trainer. Freedom keeps looking in them for treats, nothing there-I think he is a bit cheezed off by that.
I will be glad when Dakota comes back from visiting his sister. He soaks my dry cob for me, the DOR doesn't. She says I have teeth and need to use them. Hello...DRY COB is dry! How about you eating a plain whole wheat bread sandwich-nothing but 2 slices of bread-see how you like it. Dakota understands the need for food that is 'delightful' not just filling.
Well I am planning my day. Snort at the bags, eat some grass, poke my nose in Freedom's hip when he is napping, some belly scritching, and I am packing up my marble bag just in case the DOR comes up with something new today.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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