I hate flies!


The heat has brought them out is droves. Big flies, horse flies, little belly biting flies...there must be thousands of the beasts.

The DOR has been spraying us each morning which helps. Then it gets hot and we all stand in the sprinklers and off washes the spray. Some of the flies have no respect for fly spray, it seems that they like the stuff. The DOR has even painted us with 'War Paint' so it won't wash off. One particular horse fly just thought that meant that he had to try harder for his meal. She sprays us again in the evening when she puts us to bed, that works okay. She has tried all of the various brands. The DOR thinks that if the spray kills the flies on contact it probably isn't good for us. She is using a natural ingredient spray that has citronella oil, cedar oil, aloe vera oil, eucalyptus oil, a sunscreen, and a few other things in it. The flies hate it, I think is smells nice-go figure. I am hoping that she will find something that works and is waterproof.

The DOR is considering fly sheets but is worried that they may just make us hotter. It should cool off soon, until then I am going to be fly hunting. Actually I have a really good idea...

The DOR can follow us around waving palm fronds to keep the flies away. After all we all know she loves walking around the pasture waving that darn sack. Seems like a win-win solution to me. She gets to wave stuff and we get to be fly free.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, even if they are covered with flies too


Amanda said...

Dang flies!! Dang them all to hell!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ditto for us! Them horse flies are the worst!
Have your DOR tell me what the name of the spray she uses...I've been using a vinegar/water spray.
(ps...also tell her that I wished I had my Grandkids close enough so I could get them canning with me! Maybe she'd share...we aren't THAT far away!)


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