Do I look ripe yet?

The vet said I looked a bit plump. A friend of the DOR said I look ripe. I thought I looked 'fighting fit.' The upshot of my massive physic is that the DOR has me on grain restriction!

I am not amused at all. I put up with her torturing me with her 'toys'. I tolerate getting grounded with good humor. I don't complain about repeating the same lesson over and over until the DOR understands. This is just toooooo much.

I loved getting tucked into bed each evening with a nice bowl or rolled mix and my vitamins. Now I am just getting my vitamins in the DOR's hand and a scritch. I look and look and there is no grain at all. I get grain twice a week, but not everyday like I think I should.

Hey DOR if you put the grain in the bag I will stick my nose in it, how about that for a win-win solution. I will admit that I have some fat deposits on my rear and a dimple running the length of my back, I am trying to get a few extra pounds to use for insulation this winter. Cough up the grain or things could get ugly!
I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN I can keep repeating this as long as necessary. I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN...I WANT GRAIN!!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR -even though they are withholding grain and still giving the old guy his mush.


One Red Horse said...

CJack - no grain stinks. Mine pulled me off the stuff cuz she thinks it isn't good for my feet - but I run long and lean so she had to figure out how to keep the weight on me. First she used Safe Choice, I could really scarf on that stuff, but NO, she had to keep surfing this dang internet and came up with LMF LOW NON STRUCTURAL CARBOHYDRATE STAGE 1. It is, ah, lets just say it is better than nothing. I've seen those poor horses with the nasty grazing halters hanging off their faces, now that I think about it Jack, we've got plenty to be grateful for.

Later, Red

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I read about Leena missing hope she comes home soon.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you are on the same low-carb diet my DOR is on. She can not eat grain either, or cookies, or taters, or corn on the cob. So she sits and watches her hubby eat it. She says it is not easy getting old and fat.


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