DOR where are you?

Where or where has my DOR gone? Oh where oh where can she be? I am really bored and the nights are long, where has my DOR gone?
For the past few days my support crew has tucked me into bed. The DOR has stopped by each morning to let me into the pasture. She rushes in, rattles the bag (yes she still finds time for that) a couple of times, gives me a couple of scritches, a hug and kiss and then she leaves.
I know that I have complained about her various methods of torture, tease about getting even with her, but the truth is I miss her terribly and I am bored. She stopped by this evening and tucked me into bed. I was so happy to see her I ran across the pasture and gave her a lick on her face. At this point I would be willing to wear a plastic bag tied to my tail if she would spend more time with me. She said she is busy at a conference and that next week she has to get ready for school to start. I don't like this working stuff, it takes time away from me! I think she might feel the same way, she was talking about how work keeps her from hanging out with us so much. Of course it also means the time we get together will be mores special because we won't be sick of each other.
I am looking forward to this weekend. The DOR won't be working and one of her grand kids will be down, he can come out and spoil me.


Amanda said...

I have been wondering where she is too. Annie is hoping the weather cools soon so we can play.

Cheryl said...

I missed her, too! I start teacher training next week too and drove up to see "the herd" yesterday afternoon. They all whinnied, but I think it was for their dinner! No butts, thank goodness! They all wanted attention!

The W.O.W. factor said...

How absolutely cute! Love this post! I'll be back later this evening to read more!


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