My friend Salty the Wonderhorse

Salty the Wonderhorse is a good friend of mine. He would protect me from Hank the Tank, who was so jealous of my good looks he would try to beat me up.
The picutres are some of the DORs favorites of Salty and his boy Dakota. Salty has served as Dakota's therapy horse, he got Dakota to talk and to start dealing with other people. Salty has a bum knee, but he still loves to lope around the pasture with the other horses. Salty also likes to get ridden once in a while, he was an old lesson horse at one time. The DOR says that he is a 'once in a lifetime horse, one who comes in your life and works some kind of magic'.
Salty saw the vet for a check up today and things are just fine. He wasn't feeling to good in the spring, worming upset him a bit. The vet says that Salty's knee is still holding well and that his shoulder is seeing some changes but nothing to be concerned about yet. The DOR was very happy to hear this, she doesn't know how Dakota would deal with any bad news about his best friend.
While the vet was visiting she took a peek at Freedom. Every time she sees him she gets a big old grin because Freedom is doing so well for a guy that is 40. She also took a look at me, she said I was packing a bit of extra weight, thhhpppppp to her. That isn't extra weight, it is all muscle upon muscle baby!
The DOR decided that she has tortured me enough this week. She just spent time grooming me and standing with her head on my shoulder. She was talking to me and telling me about her dad and the other horses she has known. The DOR told me that I was her 'once in a lifetime horse', that I make her happy and peaceful. She is glad I am in her life because I remind her of what is truly important. She was telling her dad that she wants to get a ranch, retire, spend her time farming and riding me. I am glad that I make her happy. I am also glad her dad told her that I didn't look tooo much like his appaloosa mule Weird Harold.
Tomorrow we get to see the ubber farrier.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Awww I am so glad these boys were lucky enought to have you as their owner in their twilight years.


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