Who told the DOR about my blog?

Somebody told the DOR about what I wrote on the blog the other day... You know the one where I was pouting about not getting any grain and said I would even eat grain out of the grocery bag. Okay we all know who really writes the blog, but the ideas come from me.

The DOR has a collection of tubs like the ones in the photo, she uses them to give us our treats in. I get really excited when I see one because there is always good stuff in it!

Tonight the DOR fed Freedom his mush and there was a little bit left in the bucket. She grabbed the bag and brought it and the bucket over to me so I could eat what was left. I managed to stick my nose in the bucket, missing the bag and get the goodies. The DOR patted me and told me I was doing a good job. If I wasn't so desperate for some grain I would have turned my butt and walked off, but I really needed a grain fix. I was doing well until I forgot about the bag and brushed it with my head...marbles up my nose. I settled down and finished cleaning up the bucket. I think Freedom's mush is even better than my plain grain. The DOR put the sack back on a panel where it has been hanging. It is constantly trying to menace me but I am a big tough horse-yep that is what I am. She took the bucket and went to the barn.

I am wondering around swatting flies and when I look up here comes the DOR with one of the treat tubs. I must have been extra special because she is heading to me, nope she stopped at the bag. I was getting worried that the bag was going to get the treats. All the bag has done is hang around and bother me. I deserve the treats! I have been hanging around bothering the old guys, munching grass, swatting flies, and looking good while doing it-that is more than the bag has done. The DOR puts the bag in her pocket and heads towards me with the treat tub. She stops and waits for me to come over, she didn't have to wait long. I look in the tub and there is a bunch of Apple Asses, yummy. I reach in and get a couple and eat them. While I am doing that she takes the bag out of her pocket and slips it over the outside of the tub-what the what? Now to get anymore treats I have to stick my head in the bag-NO FAIR! It takes everything I have, but I reach in and grab a treat and take a step back to eat it. I am a little confused, the outside looks like a bag but the inside looks like a treat tub. I think I can handle this and so I reach in for more treats. I hear a rattle, one like a bag makes, no worries I have treats. The DOR starts walking of with the bag/tub, I hurry after her because the treats aren't all gone. She stops and lets me have one, then walks off again. Before I know it I am chasing her and the bag/tub all over the place for a treat (I am almost ashamed of myself). I get several more treats and then the DOR takes the bag/tub back to the barn. It wasn't empty yet, I wasn't ready to be done. I tried to follow but she closed and latched the gate. I hope she brings it back tomorrow. I guess if a bag has a treat tub in it that is something I can deal with.

I am sure that the DOR knew how desperate I was for treats and used that against me. That is fine, she is happy I was good about the bag and I am happy that I got treats. She better remember that this works both ways. We'll see how things go when she is desperate for me not to plant my hip on her back when she is cleaning out my back feet LOL

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl said...

I LOVE the colorful tubs!

Amanda said...

I did not tell!!! I think it was Salty.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

If Salty told I am not going to allow him to share my treats and I am spitting in the blue tub if the DOR has it around me-the blue tub is Salty's.
Personally I think it was Freedom, the old guy is always looking for a way to put the rest of us in our place. He thinks we have a lot of 'growing up' to do and haven't learned enough yet. He might be right, he has seen and done a bunch in his 40 years

Florida Beach Basics said...

Dear DOR: Amanda turned me on to your website - a nightly treat. Today I got some Skin So Soft for my dog, and I noticed a recipe for fly spray using Skin So Soft, Citronella Oil, etc. - thought you might be interested. http://findavon.com/skinsosoft.html

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for the recipe. We have used something like that. I have spray with citronella, cedar, and eucalyptus oils that has aloe vera and a sunscreen in it. It would help if I stayed out of the sprinklers, that way it wouldn't wash off. The DOR also puts Warpaint on us, that doesn't wash off, but the flies will find spots that they can sneak in on.
I will try your recipe and see if it works any better.


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