Progress report

The picture on the left is of Hank the Tank, aka Hankamus Tankamus, at a team sorting event last year. He is the DOR's very large, no tail/mane, cow herding, no spook trail riding, load packing appy. She rides him with a side-pull bridle and he is always pretty well behaved.
Hank has been up working with the CWU equestrian team and the DOR got a call today with a progress report. The big guy has been working on his dressage skills. He is doing well with rail work and collects up nicely. He has also been jumping and has handled everything they have had him do will no effort at all. He is working with a happy mouth snaffle bit that he likes. The DOR is very excited that Hank is expanding his horizons and not just expanding his large butt. It is always nice for a horse to be able to develop all of its talents and Hank is having fun with his coursework.
Today's weather was really great! The DOR gave me the night off tonight. She needed to go to a school board meeting. I don't get it...isn't school bad enough without planning for it to be boring? She always takes along a book to read, so she doesn't get too bored.
I have the DOR reading some books on training, nutrition, and she is on the waiting list to watch Pete Ramey's barefoot trimming DVDs. I think I have given her enough work to keep her busy. I am planning of giving her a hands-on quiz over the training material this weekend.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


squirrelmama said...

Hankamus is one good looking dude, and I have got to love the comments about his butt. Horse butt is adorable, made even more adorable by blankets of spots and/or stars. I ride a pretty girl named Flo ("Dun in Paradise") a 10-year-old Appy mare who is 15h2, a sweet-natured smartypants who, starting tomorrow, will begin to learn some dressage with me as well. Cactus Jack Splash, you are also one good looking boy, though. Love those photos, keep 'em coming!

Pony Girl said...

Cactus Jack, you are SO very handsome! I love your splashy color! Come on over and check out my spotted Appy boy! ;) Maybe the two of you can become buddies!?


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