The grocery sack my friend, is blowing in the wind

So last night the DOR is putting me in the paddock for the evening, yes I am STILL grounded, and in the middle of the pasture is a plastic grocery bag. The wind is blowing gently and it is making a rattling noise. That noise sends marbles up my nose instantly! The DOR in the kindest, gentlest voice says, "Oh for heaven's sake Jack, it is a sack-get over it." At which point she makes me walk close to the sack and around it several times. Well poop, being grounded is looking better and better. I am really happy when the DOR puts me in the paddock-I am safe from the horse eating bag!!! If only the DOR had picked it up when she left...but nooooo she left it there so I could get over the noise it was making. Thanks a bunch DOR, see if I take it easy on you the next time I am giving you a lesson. I survived the night and the bag kept its distance, I think it was scared by my massive muscles and knew it would loose the fight.
This morning the DOR let Freedom and I out of our paddocks-no Freedom isn't grounded he goes in the paddock to eat his 'old man mush.' The sack is still out there and it is rattling, I walk a long way around it and snort. Freedom goes over and sniffs it, paws it with his foot, and the walks off. I am thinking that if the old guy isn't afraid maybe I shouldn't be worried either. So I make myself big by sucking in as much air as I can-a bit like when I am trying to keep the saddle from getting cinched tight-and I slowly make my way to the bag. I get about two feet from the bag and stop to look it over. It is rattling a bit, I stretch my neck waaaay out and get my nose about five inches from the bag and then I retreat a bit to think things over. Freedom is standing at my right hip, supporting me, making sure I am safe-thanks old man. I take one step to the bag and stretch my neck out one more time I am concentrating really hard, I want to figure out this bag thing. I spent about a minute engrossed in my study of the bag when suddenly something gooses me on the butt. I jumped about two feet in the air and when I came down I landed on the bag. Holy cow poop! I took off like a shot with a full bag of marbles lodged in my nose. I ran to the other end of the pasture and when I turned to look there was Freedom, I swear he was laughing his hinny off. The sneaky old guy waited until I was engrossed in the bag and then he goosed me...nice old man, real nice. To make matters worse I look at the DOR and she is laughing so hard she is doubled over.
That's okay, I planning on how to get the two of them. I think that all DORs need to make sure that grocery sacks are placed securely in a receptacle so they don't blow around and bother horses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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